Text Message Marketing – An Untapped Resource?

By Kyle Agius
For a marketer in an ever-changing technological world, finding a way to reach your target audience can be a nightmare. There must be a better method to ensure that your message reaches the proper audience, right?
Well through the noise of television, radio, billboards, mail, blogs, online banners, and hundreds of other distractions, comes a solution.
Targeted texting.
I know, I know…not exactly a brand new idea but regardless, it’s a trend on the rise.  Especially for the younger generation, there is no better way to communicate than through a text message.
As a 21 year University at Buffalo marketing major, I text far more often than I stop to make phone calls. This makes me realize what a difference it could make for your company.
It’s the perfect method to gain an edge on all the other companies who are still using the same old methods.  So what are the advantages?
1.   Send information about your company straight to the source.
Events, directions, sales, specials?  Convincing your customers to utilize your product or service is the hardest part of business success.  A simple text reminder can make all the difference between choosing you or your competition.
2.  Texting is on the rise.  And it’s cheap!
According to Nielsen.com, “The average U.S. mobile teen now sends or receives an average of 2,899 text-messages per month compared to 191 calls. The average number of texts has gone up 566% in just two years.”
The above statistic was taken in 2009, imagine where it’s at today.
3.  It is nearly guaranteed to reach your market.
Have you ever received a text that you erased without opening first?  I doubt it.  That is practically a 100% chance that your message will not only be received, but also read by the recipient.  It’s a marketer’s dream come true.

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