End of Life Software Support

End of Life Software Support

Our end of life software support starts at under $1,000 a month and scales with your size and needs.




End of Life Software Support

Our Back-Level and End of Life Software support starts at a fraction of the cost of most providers and scales with your size and needs.

What is End of Life Software (EOL)?

Most enterprise organizations, at one point or another, find themselves running software that is either out of date, out of support or has been otherwise deprecated in some way. This may be by the vendor/publisher of the software, as in IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, or others. Perhaps it’s a homegrown application who’s developer retired or left the company.

Despite a company’s best efforts to stay version-current, mitigating factors including resource constraints, application dependencies, and competing priorities put most large organizations in a place where back-level software is in production somewhere, sometimes.

This can be a huge red flag for the compliance team. This is where TxMQ can help.

It’s never a wise option to run unsupported, end of life software that is sunsetting. In today’s world of compliance regulations, the best idea is to choose a company with expertise in migrating away from back-level software or providing ongoing support for that software.

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We offer primarily onshore support but can use offshore teams to meet your unique needs and budgets.

How Can TxMQ Help with End of Life Software?

IBM, as well as most other major software vendors, offer their customers extended support options at a hefty premium.

TxMQ offers a cost-effective alternative to our customers, providing back-level support for IBM and other 3rd party software. Our clients realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings using our services. We provide a safety-net for your internal support teams, while assisting you in evaluating your options moving forward, to help you get version-current, or even to migrate away from the software in question.

TxMQ has offered Middleware and application support for over 40 years. Our team consists of engineers and developers who have been in the field for, on average, 25 years. We make it our priority to build you a compliance framework that will ensure you’re protected against IBM and other vendor-license violations or software audits.

Types of Support

TxMQ offers many Managed Service solutions ranging from advisory level support to turn-key, all-inclusive support options. Our customers save by leveraging our back-level support programs that can be directly applied to projects and resources to get version current.

We also specialize in migrations, upgrades, architectural reviews, system health checks, and Remote Systems Administration.

Reach out to TxMQ to discuss your out-of-support software considerations, and find out how our End of Life Software Support Services and back-level software support can help you. 

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Is Your IBM Software EOL?


Case Studies

A manufacturer or medical equipment reached out to TxMQ for end of life software support. They were orchestrating a migration from back level IBM software products IBM MQ and IBM Message Broker (now called IBM Integration Bus). It was estimated that the migration would span six or nine months beyond the end of support. Unfortunately, and fortunately for them, the quote they received from IBM was well beyond their budget. TxMQ offered them a six-month support package (which, in actuality spanned nine months). We were able to maintain support with minimal costs, at a far lower price than IBM had originally quoted.

Similarly, another client (this time a health insurance payer) came to us in a situation not unlike the last customer. In their case, they were operating WebSphere Process server, Process Manager, Ilog, WAS, MQ, MSRR, Tivoli Monitoring and an outdated DataPower appliance. TxMQ pulled together a fully scaled and comprehensive plan to support their entire migration project, which proved to be incredibly extensive.

A major manufacturer contracted with TxMQ to provide support for their back level IBM MQ, WebSphere and open-source software.

Why Choose TxMQ to Help with End of Life Software?


Up to 24x7x365 services and break/fix support.
Pick the right plan and never worry again!


Efficient management, event reporting and resolution of incidents.


Your integration environment and system performance.

Choose your preferred support model.

Interested in learning more about End of Life Support? 

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