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TxMQ has over 40 Years of experience in Advisory and Consulting Services.

At TxMQ we offer support and guidance through our client’s most difficult and important IT initiatives. From planning and architecting to implementation, TxMQ has extensive experience advising and consulting to meet the needs of each unique client’s requirements. Take a closer look below at our services.

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Assessment – IT Healthcheck

The start of every engagement begins with a technical assessment or IT Health Check, with our experienced Subject Matter Experts. Whether you’re trying to identify a problem or integrate a new solution our assessment helps to identify your unique business and technical needs. We work to outline specific objectives and goals during the process to ensure you’re taking the right steps forward.

Our goal is to help you continue to drive growth, innovation, and value throughout your organization. Take a closer look at how we approach the assessment process. 

Security and Risk Advisory

Security, Risk Advisory, and Compliance services are more important than ever as organizations move to modernize their technology in highly regulated industries such as Finance, and Healthcare. What differentiates us is that at TxMQ we are not auditors. We take it one step further. We work to help you not only identify potential security and risk issues but also through developing an appropriate IT strategy that supports your business objectives and strategically integrating it within your organization. TxMQ offers an end to end solution helping identify gaps, solve issues, and implement solutions to mitigate potential risks.

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Cloud Services

As more and more companies move to the cloud, the number of issues and pain points directly related to cloud computing architecture increases. PC Mag conducted a survey revealing that one in five C-level executives are extremely frustrated trying to cope with the multiple applications and cloud services within their organizations. Click to learn more about how TxMQ can help evolve your strategies and optimize your services.

  • 94% of Enterprises currently use at least one cloud service.
  • By the end of 2020, 85% of Enterprises will have moved most workloads to the cloud.
  •  67% are using more than one vendor.
Application Architect

Architecture Consulting

The IT landscape has transformed over the years from systems of record; like accounting, customer databases, and inventory, often legacy back end systems to systems of engagement like; dynamic, responsive front end systems – usually, API driven, agile solutions. TxMQ works with companies to architect a dynamic business strategy that’s custom fit for their success. Today’s enterprises, large and small, are recognizing the pivotal role of application architects because it’s the architects who align business strategy with the initiatives to develop new IT capabilities and maturity to meet evolving customer and market demands.

It takes an effective balance of people, process, and technology to create change. The right mix drives entrepreneurship within the enterprise and can break the mold of the status quo. The right application architect can change everything!

Lean on TxMQ’s extensive experience in Application Architecture Consulting to help ready your organization for the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Automation, Monitoring and Analytics

Systems don’t get simpler. They get more complex. From the legacy days of monolithic systems, today’s consumers and stakeholders demand real-time access, and instant ‘on’ responsiveness.

A performance like that means increasing levels of complexity. Complexity means systems need to scale quickly, which means we need better automation.

Bottom line: TxMQ automation, monitoring and analytics solutions help you improve your operational efficiency, reduce labor costs and optimize work throughput across the enterprise. The result: Economies of scale for expansion to meet emerging markets and opportunities.

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Migrations and Upgrades

TxMQ offers to work with our customers through IBM’s WebSphere Migration Toolkit. This is a set of tools that helps us with some critical components of the migration itself.

We work with our customers to identify the Java EE technologies used by their platform. Are there deprecated Java EE technologies? Will some/all/none of the applications run in cloud environments? What changes to applications will be needed for successful migration (if any). In truth, we spend a fair amount of time focusing on Java applications.

There are quick initial detailed analysis snapshots available using the binary scanner command line tool. This is ideal for quick evaluation, developers not using Eclipse based IDEs, and access to overview for any possible migration issues.

End of Life Support

Most enterprise organizations, at one point or another, find themselves running software that is either out of date, out of support or has been otherwise deprecated in some way. This may be by the vendor/publisher of the software, as in IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, or others. Perhaps it’s a homegrown application who’s developer or database administrator has retired or left the company.

Despite a company’s best efforts to stay version-current mitigating factors including resource constraints, application dependencies, and competing priorities put most large organizations in a place where back-level software is in production somewhere, sometimes.

This is a huge red flag for compliance folks. This is where TxMQ can help.

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Salesforce Consulting

Salesforce is an astonishing cloud-based software platform with nearly limitless potential that helps to unify your marketing, sales, service, and other important business units.

Organizations of all sizes and industries from Enterprises, to SMB’s and even Non-profits, use Salesforce, but many are still working to realize it’s full potential for business transformation. Our Salesforce Consulting team supports organizations to get the most out of their Salesforce investment.

Learn more about our Salesforce Consulting Services here.

Why TxMQ?

TxMQ consultants have been working with MQ since before the turn of the century with middleware experience originating from mainframe application integration now exceeding 40 years. IBM MQ is the industry standard for enterprise connectivity between disparate technical platforms.

What Can MQ do for You?
If you are a first-timer, as a large number of our customers are, working with IBM MQ, understanding MQ Concepts can be extremely beneficial to fast-path your first project.

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