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When your technology can’t keep up with the modernized infrastructures and development practices of your competitors, legacy applications, and platforms need to be migrated to more modern solutions. TxMQ Technology Modernization Services offer assistance in all your modernization efforts including; Cloud Migrations, Cloud Services, Replatforming Legacy Tech, Upgrading Middleware, as well as Application and Platform upgrades.

TxMQ may have its roots in the early days of mainframe computing, but we’ve always been on top of the latest technical innovations and industry trends.  When it comes time to migrate away from old or unsupported technology and modernize, you need people who know where you came from as well as where you want to get to.  We’ve helped many of our customers migrate infrastructure and applications to new modern technology platforms and cloud-centric deployments.

Our developers have a lot of experience delivering impactful applications on the web, and that experience extends beyond HTML5 and modern Javascript back to a time when Adobe Flash or Microsoft Silverlight were the only way to really build enterprise applications for the web.  As these technologies sunset, we can help you migrate your old plugin-based applications to modern technical stacks that will continue to support your customers and employees for years to come.

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As more and more companies move to cloud, the amount of issues and pain points directly related to cloud computing architecture increases. PC Mag conducted a survey revealing that one in five C-level executives are extremely frustrated trying to cope with the multiple applications and cloud services within their organizations. More than half are seriously concerned about unmanaged cloud sprawl among their departments.

The rise of cloud services is shifting the way companies do business. IT managers and executives alike find their company’s cloud computing architecture growing beyond their control. Others are still struggling to sift through the hundreds (if not thousands) of providers to find the right partner. If these are your company’s challenges, then you’re in luck: you found TxMQ.


All technologies have a shelf life.  The cost to acquire legacy skill sets and the effort required to maintain old applications combined with the end of vendor support of old technologies means the day eventually comes when your legacy application needs to be migrated to current technologies and supported platforms.

TxMQ has seen over 40 years of technological evolution in the applications and computing infrastructure businesses that consumers rely on.  Technology never stands still, and no two organizations are alike in their preferences and goals.  We don’t have a “one size fits all” model.  Our Team works with our customers to determine the best fit for their current environment and their future goals, then design solutions that get you there.

TxMQ’s QConsole product grew out of one of our re-platforming engagements.  Our customer, a global manufacturer, had a utility they’d written for managing their IBM MQ infrastructure.  The application had been written for Apache Beehive on Java 6, and was bound to an unsupported version of Oracle WebLogic.  TxMQ worked with the customer to identify Spring Boot and Angular as the target platform.  We migrated the application logic and data scheme to Spring Boot and Hibernate, designed and implemented a REST API to expose that logic, and replaced the existing client code with a new Angular application built from the ground up.  The resulting application is easier to maintain and deployed on supported software components.  Significantly, the application has taken a leap forward in usability, and it will be easier to add new features going forward.

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Our team supports all major middleware environments specializing in web/application servers (WebSphere and others), middleware messaging (MQ) for enterprise message transport across all technical platforms, integration server (IIB/ACE) for powerful message transformation and routing, edge of network appliances (DataPower/APIC) for secure gateway and API management, BPM integration with human tasks, application event notification, and ODM for externalizing business rules management. We support all environments with middle-ware technologies including IBM, RedHat, Oracle, and Open Source. TxMQ customers leverage hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

IBM MQ and WebSphere Services

Primary factors impacting migrations are versions involved, and the amount of changes introduced in and between those versions. For customers more than n-3 versions back, multiple migrations are required, since migration tools only support n-3 migrations. Among the most critical steps is the choice of versions to migrate to. As expected, the right answer is “It depends”. Considerations include End of Support dates, stability/maturity in life cycle of product/version release, JEE/JDK levels relative to targeted versions. As well, desired features in the app server play a role, as do versions supported by any vendors involved. There is, in short, no default best answer.

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Messaging Oriented Applications

Every day more than 2.8 quintillion bytes of data are shared throughout the world. Communication happens more rapidly than ever, and IBM MQ (message queue) is the conduit that keeps the channels open. There is more information exchanged between people, platforms, devices, systems, and locations every second than there was every day 20 years ago. As the core infrastructure for application messaging, IBM MQ is the heartbeat that keeps the connection flowing. When your systems communicate effectively, the data exchanged provides valuable insight that can significantly impact business performance. However, when your enterprise messaging stalls, data stops being an asset and turns into a burden.

Adobe Migrations:  Flash, Flex, and ColdFusion

Our application development team has decades of experience delivering impactful, engaging web applications.  We mean “decades” literally:  Some of our team have been working on the web since it first began to grow in popularity.  At TxMQ we’ve worked through the proliferation of server-side rendering solutions like ColdFusion, ASP, and JSP.  We’ve seen the rise and fall of plugin technologies like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, and many of our developers were a part of that revolution.

Back then, plugins like Flash were the only way to deliver rich, interactive web applications that truly functioned equally well across browsers.  The advent of HTML5 brought many of those capabilities to the browser natively, and the mobile revolution meant that the days of plug-in based web applications were numbered.  On December 31, 2020, the Flash player will officially reach end-of-life and will no longer be supported by Adobe.

TxMQ’s developers know Flex, Actionscript, and Flash Remoting, and we know how to migrate these technologies to modern technologies like Angular, REST, Spring Boot, and .NET.  We can also help customers looking to migrate from older ASP or JSP applications or platforms like ColdFusion to newer technologies.

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