Software Asset Management

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Software Asset Management


What is Software Asset Management?

Software Asset Management (SAM) strategies help companies to maintain a more secure enterprise environment.  SAM does this by managing software asset entitlements, overseeing usage and ensuring compliance.

TxMQ’s license experts specialize in working efficiently and confidentially.  We develop and deploy custom SAM strategies that mitigate the risk and exposure companies experience in the face of an audit.

We have options from full management all the way down to as-needed license reviews. There’s an option to fit every situation and need. Most companies prefer a managed-service solution.  Whereby TxMQ actively engages to manage software usage and establishes best practices for change management, SDLC compliance, and more.

Minimize Waste (like unused software and entitlements)

A deep-dive into the entire software and server stacks to discover the current baseline.

Less stress, less worry

With less uncertainty and confusion around assets, their allocation and disposition, SAM strategies create a more positive environment for stakeholders who can finally relax and focus on enterprise growth and strategy.

Maximizing Efficiency

Eliminate wasted time re-platforming your software and applications that are out-of-compliance.

Maintain Audit Readiness

Focus less on putting out fires and more on preventing them with continuous license compliance and always-on Software Asset Management.

68% chance of being audited by at least one software vendor this year (up from 54%)

Chances are, you’re going to get audited

In the 12 months prior to September 2014, software-license audits reached an all-time high.  It’s estimated that organizations now have a 68% chance of being audited by at least one software vendor this year (up from 54% in 2009).  In all likelihood, you’ll be audited by one of your vendors.  So, how prepared are you to go through that audit?  Will you come out of it with an A+, thumbs up? 

If you have an accountant, you should have a SAM partner!

Our philosophy at TxMQ is this: Most of us have a tax planner or accountant to handle our personal taxes (and audits if they should happen). By the same logic, companies should use a partner to manage their software-asset entitlements, usage and compliance. If you wouldn’t go through an IRS audit alone, why should you go through a software asset audit alone?

Software Asset Managed Services
Software Asset Managed Services
SAM should be a part of your corporate strategy

Software Asset Management should NOT be undertaken as an audit-defense practice, but as a part of an overall corporate strategic leadership. Corporate best practice should be to have a tightly integrated leadership organization that includes a SAM leader alongside corporate-compliance officers, security officers and financial overseers.

SAM Product Installation

The choice of SAM products and tools is important. Is the goal to manage software assets, or simply to audit them?

Enterprise Discovery

A deep-dive into the entire software and server stacks to discover the current baseline.

Develop Reporting Process

Who prepares the report?
Who sees it?
What will it look like?

Determine Compliance Level

Decide whether your enterprise wants to perform a simple software audit, or a complete audit that includes histories, patches and a software-life-cycle analysis.

Software Documentation

A detailed mapping and inventory of exactly what software is installed on the servers, the versions, at what levels, how many instances and how many seats.

From Software Renewal Agreement Negotiations to better alignment between Software Usage and needs, SAM brings tremendous value to organizations.

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