Is Google Plus Staging a Coup?

By Wendy Sanacore
Preliminary reviews have begun to roll in about Google Plus and from what I’ve heard so far, they are generally positive.
So here’s the question: Is Google Plus the next Facebook? What is it about Google Plus that makes it so wonderful?
I’ve played around with Google Plus now and it has some interesting features that Facebook doesn’t have. For instance, I am quite enamored by the functionality of circles.
Most of us have several groups of connections both in real life and on social media. I know I do. I have my close friends, my workout friend and then my work contacts to name a few. Sometimes I want to post things that are meant just for my close friends and not my work friends.
For example, I am a fitness competitor. But to compete, I have to get on stage in a specially designed bikini and heels.
I don’t want my work connections to see me that way. It’s a great functionality to be able to able to post pictures or status updates just to my close friends or my workout friends.
Circles allow you to segment your life the way you live every day. It doesn’t force you to be friends and share everything with everyone.
Google Plus also offers the opportunity to hold video messaging conferences with up to 25 people through the Hang Out specification. Facebook just can’t compare to it.
It’s going to take a lot more using and understanding of the functionality of Google Plus to really say if it’s better than Facebook. But most people are saying that it is for the time being.
I posted a Facebook poll last week asking if anyone had tried it yet and the comments I received were that people had in fact tried it and they loved it. One of our followers stated that the privacy options were “off the hook”.
I also received many responses that there was no spam thus far. But Google Plus is still in its Beta stage. What happens when the final version is released? I think the no-spam time right now is going to be short lived- especially when advertisers see how profitable Google Plus is going to be.
So what do you think? Will Facebook live on or will it be like MySpace which diminished in popularity after Facebook was released.
Does the Facebook development team have to tools to compete with Google Plus? Which social media outlet will reign as king?

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