Banking and Finance Industry Solutions

We help to solve the Banking and Finance Industries toughest challenges with technology. 




Banking and Finance Industry Solutions

We help to solve the Banking and Finance Industries toughest challenges with technology. 

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We help to solve the Banking and Finance Industries toughest challenges with technology. 

To remain competitive Banks and Financial Institutions are investing millions into digitizing almost every aspect of their businesses. As technology awareness increases, consumer and client expectations grow as well. Demand for high-tech solutions making it easier to manage funds, make purchases, and receive payments is ever increasing, putting increased pressure on banks to keep up.

Technology is Changing Banks and Financial Institutions (FI), Large and Small

Larger Banks are automating work anywhere they can. Smaller Banks and FI’s are challenged to keep pace using agility as a competitive advantage in transformation and modernization efforts. All of these institutions are under pressure to respond to new compliance mandates and cybersecurity threats while simultaneously implementing technologies that continue to transform the industry, such as mobile technology, AI and machine learning.

TxMQ has had a long history in providing IT Solutions for Banking and Financial Institutions from small community banks, to some of the world’s largest banks. We have decades of experience with legacy technologies, allowing us to succeed with even the most highly complex application modernization efforts- all under the highly regulated requirements the industry and regulators demand.

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Customer First IT Banking Solutions:

Maintain your competitive advantage, gain customer loyalty, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance.

Our mission is to provide products and services to banking customers that:

  • Protect Data
  • Are Easy to maintain
  • Deliver reliable access to internal data, services, and systems across all channels.
  • Reduce IT Infrastructure costs and complexity
  • Allow a complete suite of product offerings for consumer and commercial banking clients.
  • Ensure Business Continuity
Digital Transformation

In Banking, Digital Transformations include adopting new online and digital services to meet the evolving needs of customers and clients. Digital transformations can offer the ability to create a seamless, personalized digital customer journey. These projects include integrating digital systems, initializing customer experience platforms, improving access through mobile apps, and modernizing infrastructures to handle new services efficiently.

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Infrastructure Management

Protecting information and keeping data secure is one of the biggest challenges for any organization, particularly those in the Banking and Finance Industries. Managing multiple environments that include legacy, hybrid, and cloud technologies in a strong reliable 24/7 infrastructure can be difficult, especially without the right in-house talent or limited resources. The infrastructure and middleware management capabilities at TxMQ can help to overcome these difficulties so you can get back to what you do best.

Legacy Technology Modernization

Modernization efforts aren’t easy in a highly regulated industry. Banking and Financial Institutions are often under pressure to respond to new compliance mandates and cybersecurity threats, all while working to implement technologies that continue to transform the industry, such as AI and mobile technology. TxMQ helps Banks and FI’s of all sizes, modernize legacy systems and applications while maintaining business continuity throughout.

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Custom Application Development

Solve problems with new solutions and a little innovation. Every day there are new technologies and applications being introduced into Banks and FI’s that improve access to services, streamline processes, and cut costs. To do this, you just have to find the right talent and time to put it into motion. Have a great idea, and don’t know where to start? Reach out to the TxMQ development team for a free Discovery Discussion.

App and Systems Integration

New systems require new solutions. Our experience integrating into legacy, hybrid, or modern architectures make TxMQ a valuable partner in Modernization and Integration efforts for any business.

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Cloud and Mobile Solutions in Banking

The mobility of your technology can make or break a business today, and it’s more true than ever in Banking. In today’s world, 24×7 uptime and contact is more critical than ever, but puts increasing strains on back end systems. Put your mobile foot forward and learn how TxMQ can help provide a consistent customer experience and continuity across all devices, anytime, anywhere.

UX Research Visual Design and Strategy

Within Banking and Finance, competition is growing. The right user experience and design strategy can give you a competitive advantage. Being user centric means helping your organization to focus on the pain points of customers, which leads to the implementation of new digital solutions and improve user experiences.Learn more about how utilizing UX best practices can help drive new business, and how TxMQ’s approach can give your users and customers the experience that keeps them loyal to your brand. Participate in Ignition Workshops, where we find ways to accelerate your business through digital channels. User experience reaches customers outside of the workplace, and promotes innovation within the workplace by fostering new ideas and applications. TxMQ can help to improve and transform UX, your window to the world.

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Security and Risk Advisory Services

Risk and compliance officers play a critical role in managing risks within organizations to ensure safe transformation of information, data, and funds. Modernization efforts opening access points to data can provide even more risk. TxMQ can work with your team to offer a wide variety of risk assessments, risk mitigation, and compliance tools.

Disruptive Banking and FI Technology

Open Banking

These standards allow third party developers to build applications and services around banking and consumer data. As this idea grows, security requirements grow increasingly complicated to oversee and manage these systems.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the possible, demanding greater options from their banks and FIs.

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Real-Time Payments

Real-Time Payment solutions are on the rise. Banks and Financial Institutions have found that faster payment solutions lead to improved customer products, increased loyalty and customer satisfaction. As customers become more tech savvy they in turn expect more from the organizations they work with. Your customers don’t have to wait for payments anymore. Integrate with the latest payment solutions to offer your clients and customers the advantages of RealTime Payments. Learn more about Real-Time Payments and the TxMQ RTP Starter Pack for an easy, lower cost implementation.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology Solutions

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology has shown great promise in Banking and FI. With its inherent immutability, security, and distributed nature, many FI’s are jumping in head first. In the last year Bank of America filed several blockchain patents. All the way back in 2015 JP Morgan Chase built a dedicated blockchain team to focus on the Technology and even introduced its own Stable Coin for faster settlements. With Blockchain and DLT still working through growing pains, it’s important to know what it can and can’t do for you. Reach out to TxMQ’s dedicated Blockchain and DLT development group to learn more about how these technologies can benefit you now, and prepare you for the future of finance.

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Learn more about our Proprietary TxMQ Products designed to make life easier:

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QConsole is our IBM MQ Management Administration Application – Improves efficiency, security and ease of IBM MQ administration and development.  See how we can rapidly get you onto the RTP network now!


IBM MQ capacity management tool – Gives you a better view over your MQ resources to mitigate bottlenecks. Learn more about how QPacity for MQ can help your organization today.

Aviator Platform

This platform was purpose-built to make it easier to start building Distributed Applications quickly on Hedera Hashgraph, Blockchain and other DLT platforms. 

Real-Time Payment Starter Pack

Prepackaged development and management solution to get you on The Clearing House’s RTP network fast, and at a fraction of the typical cost. (Learn More)

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Whatever Banking or Finance services your organization focuses on, modernized technology is leading the way to growth and success. Evolve your existing technology, create the next generation of services, and meet the growing needs of your clients with the flexibility, and features of the latest platforms and technological advancements.  Reach out to TxMQ for a free Discovery Call to learn more about how we can help. 

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