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Our Salesforce Consulting Services can improve processes for your sales, customer service, marketing and technology staff

Salesforce Consulting Services

Perhaps no cloud platform has grown faster, or become more ubiquitous than Salesforce, and their ever growing offering of cloud-based business solutions.   As a Salesforce customer for over a decade, TxMQ has recently turned this experience into a consulting practice helping our customers with their needs.   We can deploy new instances of Salesforce, provide customization of existing instances, and offer consulting on best practices for your needs.  We also have experience with many solutions available in the App exchange.  TxMQ also runs the local Salesforce User group in Western New York.

IBM App Connect Solving Salesforce Integration Problems

Problems that need synchronization, either real time or batch, between and other systems are easily solved with this Cloud integration product.

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Why Choose TxMQ?

Integrate Salesforce

Integrate with other critical software to improve business efficiency.  Integrate across your teams and departments. Utilize our integration experts to change the way your marketing, customer service, order management, ERP, quotes, leads and opportunities operate and ultimately work together.


Change the way you work - for the better

With customized Salesforce Training, you can change your business behaviors, not just the technology.  There’s a new way to work – and proper support and training can help your business keep pace with the change.

Transform your operations

Transform business ideas into technology solutions by combining TxMQ’s functional expertise with Salesforce cloud solutions.

Create Innovative Solutions

Salesforce can bend over backwards if you know how to tell it to.  We can help you create innovative solutions for your complex business process that will cater directly your unique business needs.

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LinkedIn Buffalo Salesforce User Group

Open to all interested members.  Stay current on event updates, training sessions, Salesforce releases and more.

Buffalo Salesforce User Group

We are an open group, always accepting new members.  You must have a Salesforce account to join.

Buffalo Salesforce Users Facebook Group

Open to all interested members in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding areas.  Stay current on event updates, training sessions, Salesforce releases and more.

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