We Monitor, Manage and Maintain, Middleware Systems & Databases that Power Businesses Across the Globe


About TxMQ Managed Services

TxMQ staffs a 24×7 help desk in support of its managed services, staffing, and technical support needs of our customers.   Our MSP team can manage your databases, application servers, complex middleware architectures and critical infrastructure components. We even support back level software for recovery of critical legacy applications. In addition, our managed services offerings are designed to augment and/or limit the need for your in-house IT staff to maintain deep middleware technical skills and pro-active management for day-to-day middleware service operations in the data center. We can work with your other vendors, hardware and software providers, or provide a custom-support solution including the management of hardware and software maintenance and licensing. Using TxMQ’s unique approach, we are able to provide our managed services offering for your complex middleware services to optimize middleware performance and maximize your people and business productivity.

TxMQ also offers staffing solutions for short- and long-term IT needs. Our highly skilled professionals can help you meet that delivery deadline or consult you on an upcoming project.

Whether you need a consultant to help you identify changes that need to be made; you need professionals to work alongside you on a technology project; or you would like to give the responsibility for your technology to a trusted provider, TxMQ can help.

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Experienced Seasoned Professionals

Our team of architects, engineers and developers have a combined industry tenure of over 250 years.  We’ve been around the block once or twice.

Proactive Service Delivery

Reactive service providers help put out fires. Proactive service managers prevent those fires.  We’re really great at implementing break fix solutions to put out fires, but we’re even better at preventing them. 

Optimized Overhead

Better utilize your internal overhead to optimize cost/benefit ration.  Let us do what we do best so your team can do what they do best.

Contract and Pay for Support As Needed

The combination of high IT personnel attrition rates and overhead costs can be a severe pain point for many companies.  With TxMQ, you only pay for what you need rather than employing full-time support.  Our 24×7 support teams can be there for you as often or as little as you’d like.

Quick & Efficient Resolutions to Complex System Issues

This is just what we do all day, so we know how to do it really well.  You’ll couple decreased lifespan costs with GUARANTEED problem resolution by working with our team of highly trained, top-talent.

Levels of Support

We specialize in hiring the best, brightest and most driven technical talent in the world to find better ways to manage complex systems and to help some of the world’s largest companies implement those solutions.

Support Models


Your environments are fully insured

TxMQ assumes full responsibility for select environments or portions of environments.

No burden to your internal staff

Our team of architects, engineers and developers take full responsibility of managing your environments on a 24×7 timetable.

Worry free

You can finally relax.  We manage your systems proactively so you can focus on cost control and business development.

Supplement to your in-house capabilities

We combine our staff with yours to focus on core system-management responsibilities, including legacy system elements.

Unlimited (unprecedented) Flexibility

TxMQ’s involvement can be spun up or spun down as projects intensify or relax.  We are there for you whenever you need us and will bend to suit your needs.

Partnership Opportunities

TxMQ will partner with you to manage your project services.

Industry Leading Professionals Leading your Project Efforts

TxMQ specializes in hiring the best and brightest talent.  You will work with our most seasoned SMEs who will drive your IT projects forward with new ideas and fresh perspective.

Which model is right for you?

Several factors will influence that choice, including budget, hardware maturity, software lifecycles, staff size, growth projections, planned integrations and more.

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can flex and scale our managed service model to best meet your goals and objectives.