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Managed Services

Managed Services

TxMQ Managed services are designed to help you manage and maintain complicated systems from legacy to cutting edge technology filling gaps in skills and resources you may not have in-house. Our MSP team can manage your databases, application servers, complex middleware architectures, and critical infrastructure components. We even support back level software for recovery of critical legacy applications.

Our services are designed to give you back time and resources so you can focus on innovation again.

We can monitor, manage, and maintain all your company’s middleware systems.

Also, we manage, maintain, and optimize any databases that power your business across the globe.

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About TxMQ Managed Services

Our company staffs a 24×7 help desk. We do this in support of our managed services, staffing, and technical support needs of our customers. Our managed services team can manage your databases, application servers, complex middleware architectures, and critical infrastructure components. We even support back level software for the recovery of critical legacy applications. In addition, our managed services offerings are designed to augment or limit the need for your in-house IT staff to maintain up to date middleware technical skills.

Our Team provides pro-active management for day-to-day middleware service operations in your data center. We work with your other vendors, hardware, and software providers. As a result, we can provide a custom-support to solutions including the management of hardware and software and even maintenance and licensing. Using our unique approach, we are able to provide our managed services offerings for your complex middleware services.  Also, we can optimize middleware performance and maximize your people and business productivity.

TxMQ also offers staffing solutions for short and long term IT needs. Our highly skilled professionals can help you meet delivery deadlines or consult with you on an upcoming project.

Whether you need a consultant to help you identify changes, or need professionals to work alongside you on a technology project, we can help. 

Remote DBA Services

TxMQ has a team of experienced full-time talent acquisition professionals ready to find the right Remote Database Administration (DBA) service for your unique needs. If you’re struggling to locate the right talent or just don’t have enough time and energy to invest in the process, we’ll gladly do the leg work for you.  Let us do our job so you can focus on doing yours.

Our expert DBA team will monitor, maintain, and manage your databases to ensure they are running smoothly and efficiently.  You can leverage our in-house team, opt for offshore support, or utilize a combination of the two. The choice is yours. Either way, your environments will be in good hands with our full coverage DBA support team.

Our supplemental remote DBA services can alleviate a lot of the burden on your in-house DBA(s).  Whether you’d like our remote DBA team to tackle back burner projects, or you’d like us to take over repetitive management tasks with our managed services team, we have the talent on staff to fit your needs and fill the gaps.

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What is Remote Systems Administration (RSA)?

Remote Systems Administration or RSA is the route many companies take when choosing to optimize their in-house staff and outsource simple, repeatable system maintenance tasks that third parties can manage with ease and expertise.

RSA vendors are staffed with the appropriate talent to handle routine system administration services for both production and non-production environments. For expert vendors, like TxMQ, this is true on all platforms, but doubly so for Unix, Linux, and mainframe-based environments.

If you have an accountant, you should have a SAM partner!

Our philosophy at TxMQ is this: Most of us have a tax planner or accountant to handle our personal taxes (and audits if they should happen). By the same logic, companies should use a partner to manage their software-asset entitlements, usage and compliance. If you wouldn’t go through an IRS audit alone, why should you go through a software asset audit alone?

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Resource and Staffing Solutions

The right candidate can be hard to find on your own. At TxMQ we have a dedicated team of recruiters helping our clients find the best candidates for IT, Engineering, and Manufacturing. We offer services that range from one-time candidate searches, to project-based support, and full talent-acquisition partnerships.

TxMQ can bring a cooperative blend of resources to help address the needs of a project team or an evolving organization. The introduction of new technologies requires careful attention to the people and processes and TxMQ can help. Take a closer look at our staffing services below

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Managed Services

Experienced Seasoned Professionals

Our team of architects, engineers and developers have a combined industry tenure of over 250 years. We’ve been around the block once or twice.
Remote Systems Administration

Proactive Delivery Service

Reactive service providers help put out fires. Proactive service managers prevent those fires.  We’re really great at implementing break fix solutions to put out fires, but we’re even better at preventing them. 
Secure Integration

Optimized Overhead

Let us do what we do best so your team can do what they do best. Better utilize your internal overhead to optimize your overhead cost/benefit ratio.
Managed Services

Contract and Pay for Support As Needed

The combination of high IT personnel attrition rates and overhead costs can be a severe pain point for many companies. With TxMQ, you only pay for what you need rather than employing full-time support. Our 24×7 support teams can be there for you as often or as little as you’d like.
Remote Systems Administration

Efficient Resolutions to Complex System Issues

This is just what we do all day, so we know how to do it really well. You’ll couple decreased lifespan costs with GUARANTEED problem resolution by working with our team of highly trained, top-talent.

Levels of Support

Choose your preferred support model.

Modes of Engagement

Which Model of Engagement is Right for you?

Several factors will influence that choice, including budget, hardware maturity, software life-cycles, staff size, growth projections, planned integrations and more. 

Get in touch with us today to learn how we can flex and scale our managed service model to best meet your goals and objectives.


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