Application Development and Integration

Application Development and Integration

Application Development and Integration

Technology changes at a rapid pace. The way customers interact with your business is changing fast and the services they expect are evolving. Not all IT Teams have the inhouse skills, resources, and time to keep up with new technologies. TxMQ Technology Solutions can help you remain competitive by creating solutions, applications, and services to disrupt your industry and stay ahead of the competition. 

At TxMQ, our disruptive technology and development teams are focused on leveraging the latest cutting edge technologies to meet our client’s needs opening new opportunities, creating new markets, and expanding revenue opportunities. We offer solutions with agility, scalability, and security in mind so you can give your customers the features they want with the reliability they’ve come to expect from you.

We do software design and development with technology that puts people first.  We understand that every technology problem is a people problem first and foremost! So we start by understanding the people who will use, support, and maintain your application.  We can coordinate a user experience research and design team to help you build fast prototypes and proofs of concepts before you begin any web, mobile, and application development efforts with us our your team, or a hybrid team.  We also specialize in messaging-oriented (MoM) applications, and software reaching its end of life support.

Give us a chance to see if we can use a “Disruptive Technology” to innovate your business.  When you come out of the gate with a team that includes IBM Blockchain Champions you know we can hurdle the toughest obstacles like your distributed ledger questions.  Answer your questions about Bots, AI, and Intelligent Applications.  We believe data is gold and have a core team focused on Big Data, Analytics and Disruptive.

We deal with middleware, you know the stuff in the middle? Middleware technologies typically live in the mainframe and distributed worlds and include web application servers, ESBs, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), like IBM’s MQ (aka WebSphere MQ, or MQ Series), and similar systems.  As an IBM Premier Business partner, we have 40 years providing best practice services to customers looking for an expert adviser to ensure their middleware is functioning with up-to-date technology standards and maintaining compliance with the latest requirements of their industry.

Advancements in application and systems architecture are exciting prospects for Technology people like us. Decisions to modernize are driven by many factors. Improving security, meeting regulatory compliance, responding to customer demands, increasing efficiency, and reducing operating costs are all strong reasons to modernize. TxMQ can help you assess where you are, and get to where you need to be.

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