Automation Monitoring and Analytics

Automation, Monitoring and Analytics

The three represent the emerging front of instant, real-time and just-in-time business operations and efficiencies.
Altogether they create the foundation for success in the new digital economy.
But is your infrastructure prepared to support them all?




Automation, Monitoring and Analytics

The three represent the emerging front of instant, real-time and just-in-time business operations and efficiencies.  Altogether they create the foundation for success in the new digital economy.  But is your infrastructure prepared to support them all?


Delivers rapid efficiencies, and answers to ongoing issues and occasional unexplained outages.


Delivers high-availability infrastructures with guaranteed up-times.


Deliver an integrated analysis of structured and machine data.


Systems don’t get simpler. They get more complex. From the legacy days of monolithic systems, today’s consumers and stakeholders demand real-time access, and instant ‘on’ responsiveness.

A performance like that means increasing levels of complexity. Complexity means systems need to scale, and scale, means we need better automation.

This is especially true in the middleware layer, where applications connect to data, clients, consumers, and trading partners. Automation solutions from TxMQ promote high availability and policy-based rules for applications and services.

We work with the best of breed vendors, like IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce to eliminate manual processes and implement the best of breed automation solutions. Our engineers can also use Ansible, Red Hats automation platform to build and automate scalable automation systems.

Bottom line: TxMQ automation solutions help you improve your operational efficiency, reduce labor costs and optimize work throughput across the enterprise. The result: Economies of scale for expansion to meet emerging markets and opportunities.



Business delivery in today’s digital economy is defined by one word: Uptime. If you’re up, you’re making money, boosting trust and encouraging investment. If you’re down, you’re losing money, losing trust and discouraging partners, clients and customers. Monitoring solutions are business-critical, because they enable you to:

  • Anticipate and address problems before they manifest.
  • Detect breaches.
  • Reduce downtime and maximize uptime.
  • Share and budget system availability as needed or by SLA – guarantee high availability where required.
  • Know about problems the very second they occur.

Infrastructure Analytics

Big data and analytics is a hot play right now in the IT space. But the more important analytics trend right now is the growing capability around infrastructure analytics. The distinction is important.  Big Data is more about consumer-facing systems of engagement.  Infrastructure analytics is more about monitoring the log outputs of the engines that drive today’s enterprises. Infrastructure log analytics help you gain insights into operations across your business to achieve a greater understanding of usage, availability, performance and capacity of critical apps and systems.

Partner with TxMQ for your Infrastructure Analytics and we will…
  • Deliver real-time operational intelligence to your IT and business managers.
  • Identify and resolve issues up to 70% faster and reduce costly escalations by up to 90%.
  • Monitor systems and infrastructure in real-time to identify issues before they impact your business.
  • Reveal the full picture across IT to track KPIs and make better asset decisions.
  • Understand trends, patterns of activity and behavior for customers, transactions and systems.
  • Investigate alerts to detect intrusions and tampering
  • Improve availability and usage of critical apps.
  • Make better asset-based decisions.
  • Manage and escalate problems more efficiently.
Proven Success

In-Depth Middleware Monitoring and Management:  This TxMQ-hosted webinar offers both a macro and micro look into the middleware space, with the goal to better inform participants about how to monitor their middleware applications and manage their capacity planning.

Subjects include:

  • How your day-to-day monitoring mindset affects tool choices and implementations.
  • Options for base-level and application-level monitoring.
  • IHS / Apache
  • DB2 / Oracle/ SQLServer
  • Server / VM / LPAR
  • Day-to-day monitoring for availability and performance.
  • Growing and managing your infrastructure.
  • Capacity planning for growth.
  • Source and summary data.
  • Tool concerns.
  • Best practices.
WATCH:  In-Depth Guide To Middleware Monitoring And Management

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