Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics

IT Solutions and Services that leverage the latest digital technologies to transform your organization. 




Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics

IT Solutions and Services that leverage the latest digital technologies to transform your organization. 


The future of manufacturing is digital. Disruptive technologies including Big Data, AI, IoT, and Blockchain are enabling industry transformations in the ways manufacturing and logistics organizations are operating. 

At TxMQ, we help streamline your modernization, maintenance, and transformation efforts to improve efficiency through cutting-edge technology solutions in automation, application design, development, management and support. 

From legacy to cloud and everywhere in between, TxMQ is your technology partner.

Technology in the Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics verticals has come a long way from simple inventory and warehouse management systems.

Now, IT and business leaders can streamline operations through advanced automation data, integrate seamlessly with suppliers and customers, and keep a close eye on event data in real-time across their entire supply chain.

TxMQ has been supporting customers in these industries for decades. Our secret to customer success is to balance the reliability of tried and true “legacy” systems while embracing the digital economy by taking advantage of the flexibility and innovation that the cutting edge solutions have to offer.

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Legacy Systems Support & Modernization 

As the talent pool grows increasingly thin for the maintenance and support of Mainframe (z/OS), Midrange (iSeries/AS400) and Client/Server systems, TxMQ’s veteran team has the experience to meet your needs. Wherever your organization sits on the modernization timeline, we’ve got the expertise to help you reach your goals.

Core Systems Re-Platforming, Migration & Integration

ERP, WMS, EDI… these letters represent the foundation of your business operations. 

To be successful, those systems must also run on a solid foundation. That’s where we come in. TxMQ lives in the space between your hardware and your 3 letter solutions. We provide architecture consulting, execute upgrades and migrations (including Cloud), offer administration  and support for critical systems and integrations: 

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Whether your organization uses large vendor products like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, Netsuite, etc., or a home-grown solution – the supporting components are critical.

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Many TxMQ customers are faced with strict requirements that come from industry standards, trading partners, and government entities. We provide expertise and solutions in support of the technology you need to meet those requirements. 

  • Gateway Solutions – IBM DataPower, Sterling, and custom EDI mapping
  • Managed File Transfer – Messaging Solutions: IBM Connect: Direct, MQ-MFT, FTP/SFTP, JMS adapters and other custom connectivity (TxMQ Application Development page has no link defined yet)

TxMQ designs and implements Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that improve efficiency and minimize costly interruptions by taking data from everywhere in your business ecosystem:

  • The Plant Floor: Monitor and manage your equipment with sensor data to ensure maximum efficiency, and avoid unscheduled maintenance/downtime.
  • Inventory & Logistics: Track inventory and shipments down to the product level with digital ID tags and geo-location. Plan and react against global events that impact your supply chain through advanced analytics and real-time data API’s.
  • Ensure Supplier Compliance: Verify source materials for quality, origin and regulation across the supply chain with secure data and Blockchain solutions

Business and IT leaders in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Logistics trust TxMQ to assess, architect, integrate and modernize their technology with the singular goal of improving business outcomes.

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