Cloud Services

Innovate the way your people and platforms work with a cloud service that’s right for you: on-premise, on-site or both.


Since 2009, more than 75% of enterprise companies have moved their systems to the cloud and that number is steadily growing.

Why Cloud?

As more and more companies move to cloud, the amount of issues and pain points directly related to cloud computing architecture increase. PC Mag conducted a survey revealing that one in five C-level executives are extremely frustrated trying to cope with the multiple applications and cloud services within their organizations. More than half are seriously concerned about unmanaged cloud sprawl among their departments.

The rise of cloud services is shifting the way companies do business. IT managers and executive alike find their company’s cloud computing architecture growing beyond their control. Others are still struggling to sift through the hundreds (if not thousands) of providers to find the right partner. If these are your company’s challenges, then you’re in luck: you found TxMQ.

Companies can plug into existing cloud platforms like Salesforce, Workday and others, or migrate on-prem legacy assets to cloud solutions in efforts to minimize hardware and support costs. TxMQ has deep experience with today’s cloud offerings, including successful deployments to SoftLayer, AWS, Azure, Google, as well as helping customers leverage their own assets to build custom hybrid solutions. We work directly with customers to identify their core pain points, to design and support solutions tailored to their unique needs.

As you grow, we grow with you.

Our cloud services are custom-designed to assess your current storage situation, improve operational efficiency and reduce risk. Best of all – our solutions are saleable to fit your needs.

TxMQ Cloud Services

TxMQ partners with most major cloud providers.   We work extensively with customers looking to maximize the value of cloud based solutions.   Most of the driver toward the cloud is the heavy commoditization of enterprise hardware and systems. As systems and storage solutions from the major vendors have continued to homogenize, costs have likewise stabilized. At the same time, the broad adoption of smart phones, and the requirements for ‘always on’ systems, have pushed companies compute needs to levels never before imagines.

In short, it is nearly impossible to keep up with the never ending escalation of storage and compute needs most companies face. In addition, broader, and more pervasive compliance requirements, are forcing companies to store more data, for longer periods of time.

TxMQ Cloud solutions offer an alternative by allowing companies to leverage the investment others have made in data centers, and avoid the endless merry go round of ‘buy, refresh and sunset’ hardware systems.

Lastly, by moving some of these costs from capital costs to operating expenses (from fixed investments amortized over time, to ongoing monthly charges), companies can often realize tax benefits moving workload to cloud providers.

Whether building out companies own internal ‘cloud’ or private solutions, or helping companies evaluate market options, TxMQ continues to work to help our customers and partners solve the complex challenge of minimizing costs, maximizing efficiency and profitability, while improving customer satisfaction and reliability.

Better Partners

Our technicians and SMEs will quickly and efficiently solve complex systems issues – you’ll be contracting and paying for capabilities as needed, not employing capabilities full-time.

Better Integration

Don’t leave your legacy applications and business lines behind – integrate and migrate your current applications, systems and servers to keep up with the future of business technology.

Better Security

Cloud computing integrates servers and applications over the Internet, giving you access to data anytime, anywhere. However, with TxMQ’s expertise in secure integration, you can rest assured knowing that your data won’t be exposed in the cloud.

Better Agility

Business has to be more nimble within the new digital economy, and the cloud is where it happens. TxMQ helps you seamlessly integrate your systems and applications into the cloud, built on the stable and reliable foundation of IBM’s cloud services solutions.

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