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Architecture Consulting Services

Architecture Consulting Services

The Right Application Architect Can Change Everything.

The IT landscape has transformed over the years from systems of record; like accounting, customer databases, and inventory, often legacy back end systems.  To systems of engagement like; dynamic, responsive front end systems -usually, API driven, agile solutions. TxMQ works with companies to architect a dynamic business strategy that’s custom fit for their success. Today’s enterprises, large and small, are recognizing the pivotal role of application architects.  Because it’s the architects who align business strategy with the initiatives to develop new IT capabilities and maturity to meet evolving customer and market demands.

It takes an effective balance of people, process and technology to create change. The right mix drives entrepreneurship within the enterprise. The right mix can break the mold of the status quo. The right application architect can change everything. Lean on TxMQ’s extensive experience in Application Architecture Consulting to help ready your organization for the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Application Architect
Solution Architect
Solutions Architects

The key to success is simplification.  Yet the challenges of IT can be very complex. The role of a solution architect is to clarify, simplify and guide a team through the important decisions that affect the bottom line. Effectively translating business requirements into elegant and robust solutions requires a rare combination of business acumen and technical depth.  This is what a TxMQ Architect embodies.  Our architects are capable of taking on monolithic projects, or small quick improvements.  We believe in building an environment that can scale or take whatever the future throws at you.  If it is moving to the cloud, or microservices, we have you covered.  We have done this for over 40 years.  We know how technology evolves and how to evolve and learn what we need to know to stay ahead of the competition.

Technology Domain Architects

Align your strategy and guiding principles to specific policies, standards and patterns that are the right fit and actionable for your organization. TxMQ’s Architecture Consulting can help define your playbook in each of your information-technology domains – Network, Security, Application Middleware, Integration Middleware, Systems Management, Database Systems and more. Leverage our capability models and deep expertise to help define your roadmap.  We are here to help your company be successful.  Having a roadmap can start you out on the right foot in the race.

Domain Architect
Roadmap Planning
Roadmap Planning

Technology road-mapping is a reinvented concept in IT architecture that embraces the emerging world of mobile, cloud, virtualization and empowered middle-ware.

Roadmapping is so much more than provisioning CPU, RAM, HDD and VM. It’s a top-to-bottom enterprise belief system that demands better, smarter scaling for today and tomorrow. It involves people, machines, businesses and data.

EVERY JOURNEY BEGINS WITH A MAP…  Arm yourself with the tools to justify your IT spend and growth curve.  Architecture Consulting will develop your IT roadmap today.

What is an Architecture Review?

An architecture review begins with a full written assessment analysis of your system architecture.  Performed by a senior technology implementer experienced in architecting and implementing large-scale service-oriented architectures.  The written assessment will aid in furthering systems assurance and identifying the next steps in your technology roadmap.  It can identify gaps in security and future problems that may arise.

Architecture Review
Architectural Review
What is the value of an Architecture Review?

The value of a full Architecture Review is to ensure all of your technical components are working together effectively. This is to ensure a smooth and functional end-to-end systems architecture.  The scope of the Architecture Review include both system (technical) aspects of the architecture, as well as the development and deployment of business solutions.  We review this to ensure effective incorporation of middleware capabilities into CLIENT’s software development life cycle (“SDLC”).  Also for optimizing the end-to-end project life cycle used to enable your critical business initiatives.  The Architecture Review includes the scope of analyzing how your software is interfacing and using operating systems resources (such as cpu, memory, and disk).  While also ensuring effective end-to-end transaction performance with minimal latency.

The purpose of the Architecture Review is to facilitate discussion and review the architecture capabilities with stakeholders to ensure common understanding of technology capabilities and limitations.  We gather architecture diagrams and details related to the end-to-end systems configuration including data flow diagrams, server and network topologies, and component diagrams.  We logon to affected servers to review software installations, configuration and settings.  We work closely with affected development and technical support staff to review design, transition, and operational concerns. We provide recommendations and ensure the following of best practices.

What is entailed in a typical review?

TxMQ will facilitate multiple sessions to provide an architecture overview. We review your concerns and your staff’s concerns.  Login to affected systems to validate software levels, review system, application, and error logs, and review the configuration settings to ensure the software installations are meeting your needs.  

TxMQ will prepare an Architecture Review Assessment Document providing detailed findings and recommendations.

Review Assessment
Managed Services

Experienced Seasoned Professionals

Our team of architects, engineers and developers have a combined industry tenure of over 250 years. We’ve been around the block once or twice.
Remote Systems Administration

Proactive Delivery Service

Reactive service providers help put out fires. Proactive service managers prevent those fires.  We’re really great at implementing break fix solutions to put out fires, but we’re even better at preventing them. 
Secure Integration

Optimized Overhead

Let us do what we do best so your team can do what they do best. Better utilize your internal overhead to optimize your overhead cost/benefit ratio.
Managed Services

Contract and Pay for Support As Needed

The combination of high IT personnel attrition rates and overhead costs can be a severe pain point for many companies. With TxMQ, you only pay for what you need rather than employing full-time support. Our 24×7 support teams can be there for you as often or as little as you’d like.
Remote Systems Administration

Efficient Resolutions to Complex System Issues

This is just what we do all day, so we know how to do it really well. You’ll couple decreased lifespan costs with GUARANTEED problem resolution by working with our team of highly trained, top-talent.

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