Application Middleware

Create and run agile middleware technologies that maximize IT efficiency with modernized hardware and software infrastructures.

What are Middleware Technologies?

Most services (LDAP, Print, Memory allocation) are handled by other systems, usually a security subsystem, or the OS, those services that are NOT are typically described as ‘Middleware’. Middleware allows companies to continue to support the growing complexity of systems their business require, while continuing to have a loosely coupled infrastructure to allow for the nimbleness and responsiveness demanded by lines of business.

Middleware technologies typically live in the mainframe and distributed worlds and includes web application servers, ESBs, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), like IBM’s MQ, and similar systems.

How Can TxMQ Help with Middleware Technologies?

TxMQ has assisted hundreds of customers for more than 40 years across a variety of industries with complex integration projects. Beyond the planning, architecting, implementing, and support of middleware services and infrastructure solutions, TxMQ also provides best practice services to customers looking for an expert adviser to ensure their middleware is functioning with up-to-date technology standards and maintaining compliance with the latest requirements of their industry.

Our team supports all major middleware environments specializing in web/application servers (WebSphere and others), middleware messaging (MQ) for enterprise message transport across all technical platforms, integration server (IIB/ACE) for powerful message transformation and routing, edge of network appliances (DataPower/APIC) for secure gateway and API management, BPM integration with human tasks, application event notification, and ODM for externalizing business rules management. We support all environments with middleware technologies including IBM, RedHat, Oracle, and Open Source. TxMQ customers leverage hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments.

We also offer advisory services around staffing requirements to ensure the solutions we implement are properly supported long after the engagement is concluded.

Have questions about middleware technologies?

Insights Magazine recently performed a Q&A with a middleware expert who has been working in the field for over 15 years. Read about the top four infrastructure vulnerabilities organizations should look out for, the challenges clients face in middleware management and operational IT planning, the importance of embracing a 21st century information management and how to do it on a tight budget, and the benefits of developing a technology roadmap.

Without MIDDLEWARE, the digital economy would CRASH.

Middleware is the plumbing or “glue” of the application layer. It's the infrastructure that makes all your systems work soundly.

TxMQ Empowers Productivity Through Middleware

Take the Stress off IT

Have you hit a brick wall and can’t move a project forward? We address performance problems before they escalate.

System Health Checks

We analyze system and application logs, operating systems and statistics to develop recommendations for boosting performance.


Prevent Breaches

We evaluate how you break out your network IPs, subnets and other networks to isolate the incoming connections that can be established with your application servers within your trusted network.

Anticipate New Opportunities

Are you running and managing your applications and systems or are they running you? We can help you do it all, so you’re ahead of what’s coming next.

Proven Success

As an IBM Premiere Business partner, TxMQ has empowered numerous organizations with from SMBs to Fortune 500 businesses. We have the talent, knowledge and technology to design, implement and deploy middleware solutions for a variety of industries. Most recently, TxMQ provided 100% of the North American (US & Canada) middleware support for a multibillion-dollar international petrochemical company.

Our leadership team is made up of technology veterans with more than 140 years of combined IT industry experience. Our middleware consulting staff represents well over 250 combined years of Fortune 1000 consulting experience. TxMQ in-house SMEs are among the most accomplished middleware architects and thought leaders operating in the business space today.

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