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Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technology

Looking for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Application Development and Consulting?
Visit our newest division, dedicated to emerging technologies…
TxMQ's Disruptive Technology Group

Moving to the Cloud?

Whether you choose public, private, or hybrid, TxMQ has legacy expertise to help you develop a cloud forward strategy. 

Are you at risk for a Software Audit?

Yes.  It’s not if you’ll be audited, but when.

Manage, Monitor, Automate your Middleware

Delivering new lines of business for the digital economy

Secure Integration

Evolve your integration strategies


Boost the performance of your entire MQ infrastructure with one comprehensive tool

Are you running back level versions of IBM Software?

IT Consulting Services: What We Do

Architecture Consulting

The IT landscape has transformed from systems of record (like accounting, customers and inventory) to systems of engagement (be dynamic and respond to opportunities in the market). Partner with TxMQ to architect your dynamic business strategy.

Software Asset Management

TxMQ IT consulting services offer SAM solution to customers, which range from minimal touch (for mature organizations in need of just a little coaching and guidance) to full onsite management of software assets.

Hybrid Talent Solutions

TxMQ offers flexible options to help clients build capabilities for the future. With a hybrid of our expert consulting as well as our focused staffing solutions and recruiting team, we can help right-size your investments to establish a team for near-term success and long-term sustainability.

Managed Services

Thirty-six years ago we had an idea: Hire the best, brightest and most driven technical talent in the world, challenge them to find better ways to manage complex systems, then help some the world’s largest companies implement those solutions. It’s amazing how an idea can grow.


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