Remote Systems Administration

Save money and better your systems’ performance

What is Remote Systems Administration (RSA)?

Remote Systems Administration or RSA is the route many companies take when choosing to optimize their in-house staff and outsource simple, repeatable system maintenance tasks that third parties can manage with ease and expertise.

RSA vendors are staffed with the appropriate talent to handle routine system administration services for both production and non production environments.  For expert vendors, like TxMQ, this is true on all platforms, but doubly so for Unix, Linux and mainframe based environments.


Why You Need RSA

Is your business really well served by tasking your HR teams with the challenge of finding rock star systems administrators?  We know our business, you know yours.  The TxMQ advantage is that we have unique programs to keep our teams engaged, trained, and motivated.  We allow them a broader range of engagements to work on than they would typically realize if employed by one company supporting a static environment. Plus, the cost of TxMQ’s RSA (whichever way you do it, honestly) will almost always be cheaper than in-house support.

Engagement & Support Models






Both Onshore & Offshore

Full Outsourced Support

Enjoy the peace of mind that 24/7/365 coverage brings.  Our expert support team manages your systems so that you can focus on what really matters:  the core of your business.

Supplemental Support

Whether it be filling in for someone on vacation, or replacing the role of someone who recently left the team, TxMQ can flex to provide the custom support you need most.

With the enterprise IT unemployment rate now hovering in the negative numbers, stop fighting a losing battle.  Let TxMQ handle all of your systems support needs.


For over 20 years, TxMQ has maintained a gold standard of not just providing Remote Systems Administration services, but also for sourcing additional talent to add to our teams whenever needed. When required, TxMQ’s staffing business recruiters are alerted to additional needs our teams have, and we have the ability quickly ramp up, and ramp down our team sizes to meet even sporadic ‘burst’ needs our clients may have


Decrease Margin for Error

Dedicated Expert Resources

Around the Clock Support


Greater ROI, Less Overhead

Why Choose TxMQ?


Up to 24x7x365 services and break/fix support


Your integration environment and system performance


Efficient management, event reporting and resolution of incidents


Your balance sheet because it supplements – doesn’t add to staff



Software-license management and compliance in conjunction with capacity-planning tools


An accurate technology roadmap for better forecasting and scaling

TxMQ’s team approach to remote systems administration can cost less than in-house support in nearly all cases

We specialize in Staff Augmentation

Whether you're searching for a seasoned super star or junior admin, we have an entire division of dedicated full-time technical recruiters who can provide staff aug services to meet all of your needs quickly and painlessly
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