An Introduction to WebSphere MQ

Today, most companies rely on the stability of their technology to ensure that the business continually runs smoothly. The problem is, your company’s technology infrastructure is probably comprised of several types of systems. And more than likely, these systems are managed through different departments and quite possibly located throughout the entire country.
Therefore integrating your applications across your company and with key partners, suppliers and customers is the best way to provide security to your business. This is done through service oriented architecture or SOA.
What is WebSphere® MQ?
IBM WebSphere® MQ provides a flexible messaging backbone that allows you to integrate your existing IT programs with SOA. It works across a variety of industries, including banks, telecommunication companies, government agencies and more.
SOA allows your existing IT systems to respond to requests and change faster than ever before by acting as a universal translator between systems. Think of it this way… Each of your IT systems speaks a different language. WebSphere MQ translates all these languages quickly and easily so all your systems can work together quickly and efficiently.
And because WebSphere MQ is supported by almost every IT system, you shouldn’t need to replace your existing hardware or operating systems. This increases the reliability of data that is delivered throughout your systems. They all speak to a central hub, which then disburses the information accordingly.
Benefits of WebSphere MQ
1. Reliable – WebSphere MQ allows for instant, reliable data delivery. Information gets transferred quickly and simply with no delays. In addition, your data is insured if there is a temporary system outage.
The cost and penalties of lost data are severe, especially when the data is critical for your company’s success. Lost information can disrupt your daily processes and cost you dearly in both time and money. If the delay is large enough or severe enough in nature, the loss of customer trust can be detrimental, especially when it comes to the security of personal information such as account numbers or social security numbers.
2. Back-up – WebSphere MQ helps eliminate single points of failure in your system by providing backup to take over if a system failure occurs. It ensures that transported data is logged and up to date so that if failure does occur, the data can be reconstructed easily. It also preserves the integrity of the messages and the applications that are transmitting those messages.
3. Clustering – Clustering allows messages to be re-circulated around system parts that have experienced a network failure. Without this feature the messages may otherwise be undeliverable.
4. Security – Keeping your business information confidential is extremely important. WebSphere MQ makes security a priority addressing areas such as encryption, authentication, authorization, and privacy.
With built-in security features, your data will be protected as it moves throughout your technology infrastructure. In addition, it supports Secure Sockets Layering (SSL). SSL protects your site and technologies from fraudulent activity and keeps your users’ sensitive information secure.
5. Growth – WebSphere enables your business to grow by allowing full access to your IT systems. As your business and services grow, so to do your IT needs. WebSphere continues to allow everything to work together in a cohesive manner. The structure of your IT system is unique to your company alone. WebSphere MQ can be customized to fit your business needs individually.
IBM WebSphere MQ Facts:
– Used by more than 10,000 customers worldwide
– Controls and moves more than 10 billion messages every day
– Has more than 800 IBM Business Partners worldwide supporting it with software, solutions and services
– Supports more than $1 quadrillion worth of business transactions daily
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