Why WebSphere? Five Factors For Your Business To Consider

One of the biggest decisions a company will ever face centers on enterprise software. Fail to scale and you’re doomed.
IBM WebSphere has been available to the general public since 1998 (16 years as of this writing), with a vibrant and gigantic suite of software and services supporting it. For anyone business planning its next half-decade of software deployment, WebSphere must at least be a consideration. Why? Following are five reasons.
1. This is the age of the application and you need application infrastructure.
WebSphere provides software for SOA environments that enables dynamic, interconnected business processes and delivers highly effective application infrastructures for all business situations. WebSphere is IBM’s application and integration software platform, and includes the entire middleware infrastructure including the servers, services, and tools needed to create, deploy, run, and monitor round-the-clock, enterprise-wide web applications and cross-platform, cross-product solutions.
2. WebSphere includes all the tools to maintain an agile business model.
An agile business is one whose business processes, integrated end-to-end across the company and with key partners, suppliers, and customers, can respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands, market opportunities, or external threats. You can use WebSphere to build and monitor an agile business infrastructure and to develop and extend applications that run on that infrastructure. Among the dozens of famous native tools are killer apps like Business Process Manager and WebSphere Application Server.
3. WebSphere offers the ultimate in application integration.
WebSphere application integration and connectivity are part of a Smart SOA approach that enables information to flow freely within and across applications, business processes, and different organizations. WebSphere application integration products provide a wide variety of services to support this reliable and flexible flow of information to increase collaboration, business insight, and cost-effective reuse of data and knowledge within your enterprise. Just a few examples of the deep and rich product suite to support an integration environment: MQ, Enterprise Service Bus and Sterling B2B Integrator.
4. Business process married to IT infrastructure represents the current business revolution. Let WebSphere lead your army.
IBM Business Process Manager is a comprehensive BPM platform that gives you visibility and insight to manage your business processes. It scales smoothly and easily from an initial project to a full enterprise-wide program.
5. Easily convert current deployment to a cloud or hybrid-cloud model.
Hypervisor editions of popular WebSphere products like WebSphere Application Server and Message Broker provide broad-based premium support for cloud solutions, and WebSphere Cast Iron remains the go-to solution for cloud-application integration. The WebSphere cloud effort rests upon  the industry-leading SoftLayer cloud services.
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