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TxMQ has a long history of partnering with leading manufacturers, software vendors, systems integrators and outsourcers.  Dating back to our founding in the late 1970s we have, and continue to partner with best of breed firms looking to find additional channels to market, increase sales, and offer additional services and solutions to their end customers.

By becoming an authorized partner with TxMQ, you can work to ensure additional profitable lines of business, while working to ‘box out’ your competition in your customers.

“TxMQ is the go to partner when I need help quickly. They understand urgency and are there to find a technical resource to meet the end customer’s needs.  Chuck and his team are responsive and passionate about what they do.  They are easy to work with because of the length of time [we’ve] partnered with them.”

TxMQ partners realize, on average, a 35% margin built on top of TxMQ’s competitive partner rates

Strategic Partnerships

We offer a number of flexible partnership offerings, and are always happy to negotiate custom solutions to those looking for something a bit more tailored to unique situations.

Referral Partner

TxMQ can work on a referral basis for situations where you would rather not complicate sales channels by introducing ‘layers’ of vendors.  In such cases, a referral fee is offered on ALL work done at customers introduced by you to TxMQ (terms and conditions may apply.  In some cases, TxMQ may already by working with your customer, though in another department).

Resell Partners - Majors

TxMQ resells select software, solutions and hardware (IBM, Red Hat, Microsoft, and other).  We are always looking for additional solutions we might bring to OUR customers.

Resell partners - solutions providers and integrators

TxMQ resell partners can typically expect to realize 35% average profit ON TOP of TxMQ’s partner rates for services.  TxMQ’s services and solutions are listed in detail here, and all are available to our resell partners.  Services offered include pre-sales support, solutioning, implementation services, and full ongoing support when and if needed.

Managed Service Partners

MSPs realize revenue streams tied to their ongoing management of their customers’ systems, networks and environments.  If you are looking to expand your capabilities, consider adding in TxMQ’s services to supplement your own.  These include DB2 and Oracle DBA work, full systems administration support for all non Microsoft platforms (including Mainframe, I, Power, and all Linux platforms).


Expand your service and support offerings

Add on support and solution services that your company doesn’t currently offer for the products you’re selling.

Save resources working with proven industry authorities

Leverage the knowledge and expertise of our team of highly trained, efficient IT professionals.  We have the resources, know-how and experts on staff to provide ongoing support and staffing for the products your clients purchased from you.

Drive additional revenue to your firm

Our partners generally realize on average a 35% margin on any additional TxMQ-supplied software solution they sell to their clients.  In some cases, depending on the offered services, margins can run upwards of 50%!

“As an IBM software reseller, we call TxMQ when we need to bring in deeply skilled IBM Systems Middleware professionals to implement solutions and provide ongoing managed services for our customers.  Having collaborated with TxMQ on a number of  engagements, we know that bringing in this team ensures the success of our mutual projects.”


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