MQ Security and Compliance Training

MQ Security and Compliance Training

If you are looking to gain WebSphere MQ* system administration skills in security and managing a WebSphere MQ network, our MQ Security Workshop will provide you with the critical skills necessary to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot MQ Security. Designed to quickly maximize your WebSphere MQ administrative skills, this training course is a cross-platform class covering distributed WebSphere MQ platforms including Windows, UNIX, AIX, and HP-UX. All of the hands-on exercises are completed using a command interface into WebSphere MQ, which is reproducible, scriptable, and universal to all operating systems.

Attendees will gain experience in securing critical MQ objects, configuring security for connecting applications, and setting up TLS on a Queue Manager. All the major concepts of MQ Security will be covered in detail through lectures, discussion, and hands-on lab sessions. Lab sessions in this course apply to distributed MQ platforms only.

*WebSphere MQ is now referred to as IBM MQ, and was also formerly known as MQSeries.

Hands On Learning

The course includes hands-on labs and student materials for rapid learning and speedy adoption of IBM WebSphere MQ security

Instructor Oversight

Instructors lead and direct the onsite, 2-day training delivery to provide technical mentorship of CLIENT’s MQ administrative staff through traditional style instructor-led education and hands-on labs


Student manuals (up to 8 copies) & training labs configured on your IBM WebSphere MQ environment

What You’ll Learn:
  • Security Concepts Related to Middleware
  • Securing MQ Objects
  • Securing External Connectivity to a Queue Manager
  • MQ Cluster Security
  • Creating a Self-signed certificate
  • Configuring TLS on a Queue Manager
  • Security problem determination and error logs
  • Standards and best practices

Who should take this course?
Individuals wishing to gain skills in the administration, management and troubleshooting security of an IBM WebSphere MQ network.

IBM MQ is one of the most important applications that IBM offers especially to those in highly regulated industries like Banking and Finance. Inherently MQ is a very secure and stable product, but to ensure it’s kept that way you have to stick to best practices. Learn from TxMQ the MQ Experts, the best way to keep your MQ messages secure and active. Click here to learn more about our MQ Training Workshop.

Are there prerequisites?

Yes. Before taking this course, you should have previous technical experience in working with MQ. Skills and experience in one of the following areas will enable you to derive the most from this course: Security, Communications and networking, System and network management, System design, Transaction processing, Client/server solutions, Platform knowledge.

How does payment work?

You’ll be invoiced upon signature with full payment due two weeks before the scheduled Class Start Date. Payment not received timely may result in cancellation. Unless otherwise stated, all pricing, quotes, and invoicing will be in US dollars.

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