Keeping Up With Disruptive Enterprise Technologies

Staying Current with Enterprise Technology

2018 has been a very exciting year so far for Enterprise Technology. We see the steady migration from legacy systems to cloud and other flexible platforms. The new kids on the block, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT), Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Hashgraph have been making huge strides. We now are seeing more ideas and use-cases coming to fruition through POC’s, moving one step closer to fulfilling the promise of DLT as a viable enterprise platform and TxMQ’s Disruptive Technology Group is helping to prove it.

Are you a disruptor or just waiting to be disrupted?

I was recently speaking with an IT Leader of a large corporation talking about the future of Technology…IoT, AI, and of course Blockchain/DLT. As we started to talk about Blockchain I asked him if they had any plans for it, he said: “Yes!, I plan to laugh at the people who think Blockchain will matter in a year.” Of course, he was being sarcastic but I was disturbed by his comment. At TxMQ we believe that emerging technologies should matter to folks who make it their profession. Every IT Leader should understand the benefits of Blockchain, and the potential disruptive power of all newer technologies. New technologies need to be evaluated on how they might change your business and your industry. If you’re a Technology or Business leader in any industry, and you’re not looking to the future you are just waiting to be put out of business.

For all you skeptics out there: at this point, it’s not a question of if, but when Blockchain or another DLT will disrupt your industry and change the way you do business.

It may not help you buy that Lambo you’ve had your eye on, but it will change both your business and industry by streamlining processes, increasing transparency in supply chains and transactions, and even create new revenue streams.

As an IT solutions provider with almost 40 years helping clients large and small maintain IT resources, integrate solutions, and prepare for the future of technology, TxMQ is working harder than ever to ensure that you are equipped for the next evolution of the technology within your industry so you can offer customers the best service, improved products, and remain competitive.

With this in mind, we recently launched our Disruptive Technologies Group led by industry veteran Craig Drabik. Despite years of head-banging to Death Metal groups like Tool, Pantera, and even the occasional Winger album (don’t judge), he has maintained genius technical abilities and an impeccable work ethic that has helped us make groundbreaking achievements in the DLT space.

Currently, TxMQ DTG is working on several revolutionary projects focusing on DLT, creating new ways to track & trace, share confidential information, and process transactions. You may have already heard about our Partnership with Intiva Health. This is a very interesting project which gave us the opportunity to be one of the first Salesforce Developers to replace the data layer within with Distributed Ledger Technology, leveraging its benefits. With this integration, users are able to securely manage credentials, shortening the time for validation, saving hundreds of hours, and potentially save so much money that even your CFO would blush.

When all is said and done, Distributed Ledger Technologies, when applied correctly to the right use case, can drastically improve the way you do business. While it is true that there is nothing that Blockchain or other DLT’s can do now that “traditional” technologies can’t do, but it may just be the right tool for the process you are looking to improve. If you could use a toaster, why would you use the oven to toast a piece of bread?…with new technologies, new efficiencies are realized.

If you haven’t had a chance yet to learn about DLT, reach out to us or visit us at for more info. While it may not be on the Final Exam, you do need to know what this is and how it applies to your business…or you could just wait for the next fresh-faced kid with decent coding skills to take over your industry. No pressure.