IBM MQ Upgrade Best Practices

Work Smart with IBM MQ Webinar Series

Presented by TxMQ

IBM MQ is an important part of keeping your business running smoothly and giving your customers the service they expect. At TxMQ we know Middleware and we are very passionate about IBM MQ. So much so, that we have dedicated a part of our practice to keeping your MQ up and running the way it should be, reliable and secure.

At TxMQ we are proud to present our new Webinar Series dedicated to IBM MQ. For our first installment, we decided to cover a paramount topic: “IBM MQ Upgrade Best Practices”.

To ensure reliability and mitigate downtime it’s important to utilize the best version of MQ for your operation and to know how to make the transition to the next version when the time is right. This has always been an important subject with many of our customers, so please enjoy our first installment in this series outlining best practices for upgrading your IBM MQ. The discussion is hosted by industry expert and Sr. Consultant with TxMQ, John Carr.

Below you can view the complete recording as well as the associated slide deck, with additional bonus content not in the original presentation to help you in your MQ upgrade preparations. Enjoy, and don’t forget to give us some feedback.

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TxMQ – MQ v9 Upgrade Best Practices