IBM MQ Organize Your Team For An Upgrade

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TxMQ Work Smarter Webinar Series

Organizing Your Team For an IBM MQ Large-Scale Upgrade

Presented by TxMQ

Featuring John Carr Sr. Solutions Architect at TxMQ

IBM MQ is the most important part of your business you rarely notice until there’s an issue.

It’s a great tool to keep your business running smoothly and give your customers the service they expect. At TxMQ we know Middleware and we are very passionate about IBM MQ. So much so, that we have dedicated a part of our practice to keeping your MQ up and running the way it should be, reliable and secure.

At TxMQ we are proud to present our second installment in our Webinar Series dedicated to IBM MQ. For Part 2, in continuation of our IBM MQ Upgrade Best Practices theme, we will outline how to organize your team for a large-scale upgrade. (If you missed Part 1 you can catch up here.)

Economies of scale aren’t limited to the cloud. As an MQ administrator, you most likely manage a large, diverse MQ network using traditional commodity or virtual servers on-prem. On top of that, you’re challenged with upgrading to MQ 9.x with limited resources.

How should you approach your upgrade in such economies of scale?

This session walks you through the challenges (from server management to security, to deployment) and gives food-for-thought on how to organize yourself and your team. The discussion is hosted by industry expert and Sr. Solutions Architect with TxMQ, John Carr.

Below you can view the complete recording as well as the associated slide deck. Enjoy, and don’t forget to give us some feedback. We would love to hear any suggestions you have or subjects you would like to see covered in future webinars. Let us know here.

If you would like to talk further or need some help with your MQ, reach out to us here and let us know how we can help.