From SOAs to Microservices – A Journey from Legacy to Modernization

Work Smarter with TxMQ Webinar Series 

Presented by TxMQ

Hosted by Arnold Shoon Solutions Director at TxMQ  

The once-common practice of operating large, monolithic software systems supported on-premises is quickly changing. With the adoption of the cloud, microservices, and the new API economy, once slow-moving organizations have been challenged to accept new methodologies like DevOps to become increasingly agile to keep up with the competition. 

Existing mainframe customers that are currently heavily invested in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) may be challenged to find the right tools and frameworks to start. 

In our discussion, Arnold Shoon breaks down the importance of APIs outlining some of the benefits of utilizing more agile development and deployment methods and discusses some of the tools available to organizations that are transitioning into the new API Economy. 

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