Secure Middleware Integration Services

Secure Middleware Integration

Integration Services

Security Gateway Appliances

Appliances that will speed your web service deployments while also extending your SOA build and infrastructure.

Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) strategies help companies to maintain a more secure enterprise environment by managing software asset entitlements, overseeing usage and ensuring compliance.

B2B Integration

Creating a more nimble infrastructure and driving more growth in the digital economy.

Technology Implementation Services

Stable, high performing enterprise systems begin with the right architecture and implementation.

Enterprise Service Bus

There is more information exchanged between people, platforms, devices, systems and locations every second than there was every day 20 years ago.

Enterprise Messaging

When your systems communicate effectively, the data exchanged provides valuable insight that can significantly impact business performance. However, when your enterprise messaging stalls, data stops being an asset and turns into a burden.

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