Security and Risk Advisory Services

Identify, Assess, and Mitigate Risk with TxMQ’s comprehensive Risk Assessment Services.




Security and Risk Advisory Services

Identify, Assess, and Mitigate Risk with TxMQ’s comprehensive Risk Assessment Services.

Why you need a Risk Assessment:

In the last few months businesses have seen accounting practices, risk controls, compliance, information technology systems, and business procedures change.

Traditional Risk Assessments can no longer keep up with the pace and volume of the current evolving risk environment.

A single intrusion can result in millions of dollars in downtime, incident response, legal fees, recovery costs, and take a hit to your reputation. As technology evolves and promotes new opportunities for businesses, it also creates new risks that organizations must be prepared for.

IT Assessment Health Check
IT Assessment Health Check
Again, why you need a risk assessment today!

New solutions can help to mitigate risks from malicious attacks, system failures, human error, viruses, as well as natural disasters affecting your business. TxMQ’s risk management, governance, and security solutions help your organization to avoid risks and protect you in the event of such an incident.

Growing companies, whether well established or just starting up, face growing risks that put their business in jeopardy. Risk management acts as a preventative measure and strategic driver to help mitigate risks and lapses in security within your organization. Reacting to these risks requires experience and knowledge to help efficiently identify issues and threats to pursue corrective counteractive measures.

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What we do:
  • Identify and Prioritize current and future risks.
  • Establish a holistic, strategic approach to risk analysis, management, and governance.
  • Proactively address risks.
  • Monitor, evaluate, and report on risk concerns for your business.
  • Utilize the latest tools and technologies to protect your business.
  • Implementation of Risk Advisory corrections.
IT Assessment Health Check
IT Assessment Health Check
How do we compare?

What differentiates us is that at TxMQ we are not auditors. We take it one step further. We work to help you not only identify potential security and risk issues, but also assist in developing an appropriate IT strategy that supports your businesses objectives and strategically integrate it within your organization. TxMQ offers an end to end solution helping identify gaps, solve issues, and implement solutions to mitigate potential risks.

We provide a holistic, Agile based sprint approach to risk assessments that can be deployed at any time to address evolving risk expediting continuous improvement and the measurable reduction of risk.

Third-Party Risk Assessment Services:
  1. Compliance and Ethics
    Through third-party compliance evaluations, identify exposure to regulatory risk from the actions of vendors, suppliers, and other third parties.
  2. Operational Risk
    Evaluate how third parties could expose you to potential operational losses, reputation risks, consumer relations risks, and risks associated with outdated technology and other operational issues.
  3. Financial Viability
    Determine the continued financial viability of third parties, particularly for relationships defined as mission-critical or strategic.
  4. Default Management
    For financial services organizations, assess how third parties are complying with regulations for collections and management of accounts in default.

For a better understanding on how our services match with your specific needs, reach out for a discussion today!

IT Assessment Health Check
IT Assessment Health Check
Networking and Cyber Security:

Secure your business, enable digital transformation, and establish trust.

Each industry has its own unique security needs. From industry specific regulations for highly sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information (PII), to payment info and the requirement for high availability systems. The TxMQ Security team will help build a custom security plan that is both industry specific and aligned to your production and security demands.

Areas of Coverage

Digital Asset, User, and Data Protection

As modern technology becomes more decentralized, access becomes easier for users, as well as bad actors. Improving access to and management of these areas can stop breaches before they start. We help enable the right users to have access to the data they need, when they need it. Reach out to TxMQ to learn more about how we can help.

IT Assessment Health Check
IT Assessment Health Check
Threat Alerts and Proactive Management

In the event of an intrusion every second counts. Threat management solutions can help to identify these issues faster and help you address them before they cause imminent damage to your organization. There are a lot of options out there, so it can be difficult to find what works best for your organization. Reach out to TxMQ Security team for a consultation to ensure you’re ready before anything happens.

Security for Hybrid and Decentralized Modernization

Digital transformation across the enterprise is a critical business imperative for CIOs and CISOs. Newer cloud and decentralized technologies can significantly accelerate innovation and business growth. To protect your hybrid multicloud infrastructure in an increasingly hazardous world, you need to ensure security from new processes and technology. As assets and data become decentralized in new modern environments, new ways to protect access to that data emerge. Learn more about how TxMQ can help confidently secure your hybrid multicloud enterprise.

IT Assessment Health Check
IT Assessment Health Check
IBM Security – Driving Security into the fabric of your business

IBM Security QRadar, IBM Cloud Pak for Security, IBM Security X-Force Threat Management Services, IBM Security Verify (smart identity for a hybrid multicloud world). Reach out below to learn more about the IBM Security products and how they can help.

Zero Trust Networking

The Zero Trust model shifts us from a single, large perimeter and moves it to every endpoint and user within a company. The premise is built on strong identities, authentication, trusted endpoints, network segmentation, access controls, and user and system attribution to protect and regulate access to sensitive data and systems.

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