TxMQ’s IBM MQ Administration and DevOps Utility

Improve efficiency, security, and ease of IBM MQ administration and development
Fully Customizable – Ease Administration – Mitigate Risk ­– Accelerate DevOps
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TxMQ’s QConsole

TxMQ’s IBM MQ Administration and DevOps Utility
Improve efficiency, security and ease of IBM MQ administration and development
Fully Customizable – Ease Administration – Mitigate Risk ­– Accelerate DevOps






What Is QConsole by TxMQ?

QConsole is a customized web application developed by long-time IBM MQ developers and administrators at TxMQ. It was designed to simplify, secure, and improve the efficiency of your MQ resources. By simplifying your Administration and Development within IBM MQ so that you can lower costs, mitigate risks and accelerate development.

Don’t have DEEP MQ Skills on Staff?

Don’t worry QConsole simplifies Administration and Development for you. Save time, trouble, and expense while keeping your MQ running smoother than ever before.  Don’t worry about End of Life Support.

Rapid Deployment

Work with TxMQ to get QConsole installed and supporting your application messaging in a matter of days!

  • QConsole is fully containerized software, and works with most middleware.
  • Cloud-ready: runs on Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Installed and supporting messaging in a matter of days!

Download the QConsole Solution Brief

IBM MQ is one of the most trusted message-oriented middleware products available today. MQ runs some of the most critical applications on the market within highly regulated industries ranging from Healthcare to Banking and Finance. TxMQ’s QConsole can lower the learning curve and make managing MQ easier.

Our clients have found that TxMQ’s QConsole can be used in variety of use cases. One of the most popular uses is Real-Time Payment processing.

Learn more about how QConsole can break down the barriers for secure, direct connections to large financial clearing houses. Download TxMQ’s solution brief today!

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Simplify Administration

  • Manage all your IBM MQ Configurations.
  • No need for deep IBM MQ Administration skills/knowledge.
  • Map Environments, Queue Managers, Queues.
  • Quickly make Queue updates/changes across multiple servers and environments.
  • Promotes efficient usage and Software Asset Management.
  • Easily establish and enforce standards across IBM MQ messaging environments.

Simple Security

  • Create roles and define access authorities (use Active Directory, LDAP, or set authorities directly in the utility)
  • Allow read-only up through full administrative rights
  • Easy standardization and management of internal MQ security & access

Accelerate DevOps

  • Support DevOps with Speed and Accuracy.
  • Application Developers don’t need to know the MQI.
  • Coders use a simple Message Identifier, QConsole does the rest.
  • Seamlessly promote and deploy applications from lower environments.
Consumers Demand Real-Time Payments Now!

Consumers are more technically savvy than ever before.  Advancements in payment innovation with mobile technology and digital commerce are changing the way we transact.  Paving the way for new business models, products, and payment solutions. Real-Time Payments (RTP) are a must-have for any organization that is doing digital transactions online globally.

The demand for RTP is growing rapidly. There was a 24% year-over-year increase in same-day ACH payment volume between Q1 2018 and Q1 2019.  The global real-time payments market is projected to increase by 30.6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) between 2018 and 2025. (Pymts.com)

Businesses are also starting to feel the pressure to keep up with Real-Time Payment or RTP Solutions.  Turning to institutions that can offer it. 82% of businesses say real-time payments will resolve current payment challenges.  It will do that by shortening the time it takes to transfer and clear funds to the payee. (Pymnts.com)

Though many smaller banks and Financial Institutions (FI’s) understand the need to get connected, there are technical hurdles to joining the RTP network.

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QConsole can help smaller Financial Institutions compete with larger organizations.

It can be difficult for Smaller Banks, Financial Institutions, and FinTechs to keep up with advancements in technologies like RTP Networks all on their own. Participants in payment processing rails like the Clearing House’s RTP Network must maintain strict rules and technical criteria to remain compliant. Often, smaller institutions don’t have the resources or technical expertise to run solutions like IBM MQ, that are required to connect to RTP networks.

Large Clearinghouses and other Major Trading Partners mandate the use of IBM MQ messaging software for secure transactions with them. Many Financial Institutions struggle with the architecture, cost and complexity of supporting the infrastructure and development of these integrations. This leaves them on the outside, settling for more antiquated ways of doing business or held hostage to larger FI’s and FinTechs to support them.

Break down the barriers for secure, direct connections to large Financial Clearinghouses with QConsole software from TxMQ.

Now smaller FI’s can establish secure, direct connections to large Financial Clearing houses including the US Federal Reserve, and The Clearing House (TCH) with TxMQ’s QConsole and Payment Network Onboarding Solutions.

At TxMQ, we provide Payment Network onboarding solutions to Banks, Credit Unions, FinTechs, and FI providers of all sizes. TxMQ expertise and software simplify the delivery of innovative, secure payment products to your portfolio.

Establish direct partnerships and communication with the Fed, TCH, and other trading partners.

  • FedLine Direct® – Automated Transactions.
    • FedACH® Services.
    • Fedwire® Funds Service.
    • Fedwire Securities Service.
  • The Clearing House RTP® Network – Real-Time Payments.
    • Increase Efficiency: Eliminate checks and the associated costly, manual processes.
    • Instant Settlements.
    • Peer to Peer payments.
    • Bi-Directional communication between Payer and Payees.
    • Real-Time view of cash positions.
    • Immediate Real-Time shared transaction information.

Position your Financial Institution for flexibility and independence to transact securely with major trading partners who require IBM® MQ. TxMQ’s QConsole on Red Hat OpenShift simplifies IBM MQ; enabling you to focus on your business and customers, not Security and Compliance.

Break Down the Barriers to Payments

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