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IBM App Connect Integration, formerly known as IBM Cast Iron

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IBM App Connect Integration

What is IBM App Connect Professional?

App Connect Professional, formerly known as Cast Iron, is an easy-to-use integration solution that enables large and midsize companies to integrate systems without requiring the deep skills of senior level integration engineers and developers. App Connect Pro is a low-code or no-code integration platform. It’s any-to-any integration capability enables you to connect applications, databases, email systems, and flat file data sources in the cloud and on-premise. IBM App Connect Pro increases the value of all your business solutions – Cloud/SaaS, on-premise, and hybrid alike. Instead of working around your applications, App Connect Pro allows your applications to work around you. App Connect can easily be deployed within just a few days, both as a virtual appliance or as a hosted solution in the cloud.

IBM App Connect Professional was designed as an enterprise and mid market middleware alternative to the complex coding and large investment that comes with a traditional ESB solution. Rapid deployment accelerates time to value, and the Drag-and-drop interface makes administration easy.

App Connect Pro customers have reported that it has reduced the cost of resources by 38%, condensed timelines by 40-60%, and can be up and running in as little as three days. IBM App Connect is also a part of the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration Portfolio.

IBM App Connect Pro
IBM App Connect Pro
Why App Connect Integration?

With more and more business applications moving to the cloud, it becomes increasingly necessary to integrate applications still hosted on premise with those operating from the cloud. App Connect Professional eliminates duplication of work efforts, removing the common “swivel chair” approach (requiring your teams to toggle between multiple applications). App Connect realizes true benefits for business, both small and large, by streamlining business processes and maximizing financial investments almost instantaneously.

By allowing you to quickly and easily customize and migrate data from one application to another, App Connect integration is a cost effective solution to businesses that don’t have the time, the manpower, or the funding to go with a more robust solution. Solutions that will take a large number of resources, highly skilled developers, extend project timelines and is expensive to build and to maintain. The reality is, that not every business has an immediate need for this, or they don’t have the budget to fund it.

It takes minutes to map your integrations, by dragging and dropping fields from one source to another. You can add transformations within a few clicks, and even add variables to enrich data, remove duplicates, and correct errors. IBM App Connect has a large and growing number of prebuilt connectors for popular applications, SaaS offerings, API’s, message formats and more.

TxMQ – Your App Connect Partner

TxMQ middleware experts can help you to assess, design and implement new integration projects. We also provide upgrades, migrations, troubleshooting, administration and support through our Technical Project Support and Managed Services offerings.

IBM App Connect Pro

Enables Data Integration in a Hybrid Cloud

Increase the value and ROI for your applications by integrating them in a hybrid cloud.

Bridges Communication Gaps Between Systems

IBM App Connect allows applications to easily speak to one another.  With out of the box templates for all of the major applications, your integration will be quick and seamless, and will reduce a lot of wasted time and stop duplicating work efforts.

Eliminates Swivel Chair Burden for Your Personnel

Don’t burden your staff by having them waste time and energy switching from application to application. IBM App Connect enables easy communication between apps so that your staff can focus less on things that don’t matter and more on things that do.

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