API Management

Rapid frontend development to drive new lines of business without the tethers to backend core IT

By 2018…


68% of mobile apps will be powered by APIs

What is API Management?

Heard the term Bimodal IT? Bimodal means two. It means separate but parallel IT efforts. It means nimble. It means quicker to market. And it’s all made possible through API Management. API management can help unlock the creative potential of next generation application developers, paving the way for new revenue streams and models.

Effective API management calls for intricate planning and execution of unique and unconventional IT skills.  Using APIs isn’t the hard part.  It’s defining the outward and inward facing processes that manage the lifecycle of API usage that will define your failure or your success. TxMQ works with companies of all shapes and sizes to leverage and harness the possibilities within the API economy.  Reach out today for more information on how we can help your API management. 

Maybe you’ve recognized the growing tension between line-of-business (LOB) decisionmakers and IT decisionmakers – typified by LOB-lead projects with minimized dependency on IT. Bimodal IT has emerged, and the intent is to develop Systems of Engagement with some degree of freedom. Back-end Systems of Record are critical, but often heavy, entrenched and slow to change. API Management serves as the clean hand-off point that can help streamline the relationship between LOB-lead projects and core IT.

Collaboration with External IT Agencies

Mobile Teams

Can build engaging and integrated mobile apps faster

Backend Teams

Can retain control and expose only what is required

Why Work with TxMQ on your API Management?


APIs can and should be flexible to fit emerging business trends. Leverage your developer portal to customize, advertise and sell your APIs and updates



Manage access through combinations of keys and gates



Leverage analytics to recognize new opportunities and react quickly


Engineer for rapid growth


Provide internal and external developers with tools to collaborate and create


Use a no-coding solution to rapidly create APIs from existing business assets

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