TxMQ completes WebSphere MQ Environment Review

TxMQ has an awesome HealthCheck service. We look at it as an inspection of sorts. Just as you would take your car in for an inspection yearly, whether you’re hearing a clunking sound or not, we believe you should do the same thing with your systems and environment in your IT department.
Likely, your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your company. All important business functions tie back to your IT department and configuration. If it shuts down, how much money will your company lose per minute? How about per second? Have you ever evaluated that?
So, like getting your brakes checked on your car before they fail and you get into an accident, we think it’s a great idea to get your systems checked before they fail.
Recently, a large regional bank commissioned TxMQ consultants to come in and do just that. They requested from us an IBM® “WebSphere® MQ report card” of sorts of how their MQ applications were running compared to other organization of like size and functionality.
TxMQ has a great subject matter expert with extensive IBM® MQ experience who was able to go onsite at the bank and work interactively with members of the department to dig into their daily activities and diagnose weaknesses and strengths. This is the second such HealthCheck that TxMQ has completed for this bank, the prior being a CICS HealthCheck.
To see the results of the HealthCheck, please click here. If you’re interested in proactively heading off potential issues within your IT infrastructure, please contact Miles Roty at TxMQ today, [email protected]or call (415) 535-3960.
In most cases, a thorough HealthCheck is a 1-2 week engagement and will not interfere with your daily tasks. Each system HealthCheck is completely customizable based on your environment and we have a team of experts who can complete the task no matter how heterogeneous the applications are that your company is running.