IBM WebSphere MQ Advanced is a Messaging Leader

IBM Messaging is the backbone for all IBM integration. IBM messaging is developed to work with enterprise, mobile and managed file transfer environments.
Enterprise Messaging

  • Provides data and transactional integrity as part of data movement
  • Communications that handle interruptions seamlessly
  • Simpler business applications through a consistent interface
  • Flexibility to distribute data in multiple ways
  • Works with many applications and programming languages
  • Ideal for moving batch systems to real-time

Mobile Messaging

  • Enables mobile apps to easily interact with existing applications and services
  • Messaging that is optimized for needs of HTML 5apps and mobile networks
  • Reduces network load and increases responsiveness

Managed File Transfer

  • Leverages messaging infrastructure for SOA-based MFT
  • Provides secure, reliable transfer of business data contained in files
  • Provides end-to-end visibility and audit

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IBM Messaging provides a universal messaging solution for all your enterprise, mobile and managed file transfer needs.
Customers have seen up to a 9 times increase in transactional capacity and 2/3 reduction in round-trip order time.
What Capabilities Does Your Business Need?
Messaging maps to a variety of customer needs. Refer to the chart below to outline which messaging capability most closely relates to your needs.



Enterprise Messaging
  • Need to reliably transport business critical data
  • Need to ensure sensitive information and intellectual property is secure
  • Shorten time to recover/restore after application or network failure
  • Reduce expense of supporting & improving homegrown messaging
  • Need to standardize on an integration backbone that connects your applications reliably and securely
Mobile Messaging
  • Need robust, multi-platform, low bandwidth solution for getting mobile data from the edge into your enterprise at a lower price
  • Need a streamlined, lightweight messaging to use less power on mobile devices while enabling constant communication.
  • Need live insight into telemetry data from your remote sensors
Managed File Transfer
  • Need to avoid negative business impact when files aren’t properly transferred, such as wasted time and energy trying to figure out what happened, lost data, manual processes to restore everything
  • Need to be able to show in an audit where transferred files and documents came from and went
  • Need to ensure security of file transfers

WebSphere MQ Advanced
Are you wondering what makes WebSphere MQ Advanced so unique?
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  • Widest coverage of client and server platforms
    • 87 different combinations of OS & hardware
  • Wide selection of programing languages and APIs
    • Java, JMS, Javascript, C/C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basin, PHP, Ruby, Python, F#. PL/I, Cobol, RPG
  • High performance
    • Thousands of transactional credit card updates per second
  • Reliability
    • Works over satellite, DSL, fiber, cellular, etc
    • Built in transaction manager, works over slow connections, provides reliable data transfer and is proven to work in mission critical environments
  • Widespread and Mature
    • 93% of the world’s banks conduct their business using WebSphere MQ
    • Proven and mature with tens of thousands in production and 10 years as MOM leader
    • TxMQ has skilled developers and administrators ready available to assist with any MQ project

Businesses today need reliability, security and performance and WebSphere MQ Advanced gives you control over all aspects of your IT infrastructure. You will gain visibility to all your data, along with the success and failure of your connectivity to allow you to do more with your business.
Here’s a view of the WebSphere MQ family of offerings.
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For more information about TxMQ’s MQ solutions and services, please contact Miles Roty, [email protected] or call him at 716-636-0070 (228).