Why IT Managed Services offers a Solution for Tech Struggles

Why IT Managed Services offers a great solution for businesses.

Technology is everywhere (and growing) with no end to the constant stream of data and code. Data runs the world. So what does a business do when they cannot keep up with their technology needs, whether financially or talent-wise, on their own? Why is IT managed services a great solution for many Buffalo businesses?

High-demand skills and availability

Oftentimes, businesses have needs in very specific, high-demand, skill categories. High-level database administrators, Integration experts, IBM Middleware specialists, Cloud Consultants and Salesforce admins/developers can be difficult to find and retain. Talent retention issues are often exacerbated in the IT market. There is a growing need for “follow the sun coverage” with 24/7 availability across countries and time zones. This can be very taxing for small IT departments.

A growing expense

Your business might not need a full-time, highly skilled employee to manage your technology needs. It takes a huge amount of time and financial investment to find talent. The “fully loaded” cost of an employee, given the overhead components and cost of attracting the talent, do not end up costing any less than an IT managed services contract. An IT Managed service model offers structure, stability and excellent consultant skills, and they can be lightweight and scaled to suit individual business needs.
A managed services provider (MSP) can act as a safety net by providing several consultants with broader and deeper skills. These consultants can be called upon when needed, especially when there is a concern for overlap with a small IT team. Your MSP can also provide great skills around a very specific technology. If you are in the process of migrating, or not sure if you are going to keep a new application, managed services provides support for the short-term. There is no reason to invest in an expensive or highly skilled employee, when you are realistically only going to be utilizing a specific technology for 6 months to a year. IT Managed Services plans can be built to aid in the transition to a new platform and phase out over time.
From a technology perspective – IT managed services just makes sense. It reduces the burden on IT Managers, and allows the C-suite to focus on what you do best – running your business.

TxMQ’s Managed Services Solution

TxMQ offers IT managed services to suit most customers’ needs. Whether you have a recent investment in new technology – and need some support ramping-up, or you’re migrating your legacy apps to the cloud – or simply need some additional coverage during internal employee vacation periods and time out of the office, TxMQ has plans to fit your budget. Programs can be as short as 6 months and can be customized to gradually reduce the commitment you need from our team. We understand that sometimes you need our full support, while other times, basic over-run support will suffice until you can fly on your own. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit our website www.txmq.com/managed-services.