HealthChecks Customized For Your Business

These days, companies are increasingly pressured on all fronts when it comes to IT.  As technology environments increase in complexity, it becomes more and more complicated to manage software, applications and business growth requirements.
As your business struggles to keep up, keeping your company’s costs down and making the most out of your company’s existing software, hardware and infrastructure assets increases in importance.
A TxMQ HealthCheck is provided to evaluate the performance, scalability, architecture and security of your applications. Growth and change can put additional strain on internal applications as they struggle to keep up with the growing demand and usage.  We can also look at your environment from a Best Practices standpoint to compare you against current industry standards, and positioning against your peers and competitors.
TxMQ HealthChecks includes a detailed evaluation of your applications, identification of any existing issues and recommendations developed based on our findings.
We offer a variety of HealthCheck options including Systems, Middleware, Environment specific (Mainframe, Distributed, .Net, other), infrastructure, Security and Compliance.
Our HealthCheck process includes:

  • Detailed Systems Analysis
  • Problem Diagnosis
  • Identification of Additional Vulnerabilities (single points of failure, and more)
  • Data Collection / Monitoring
  • Staffing/cost structure analysis (how are you staffed, how are your costs compared to other like enterprises)
  • Solution Identification
  • Additional Recommendations
  • Knowledge Transfer
  • Whitepaper deliverable

Each System HealthCheck is customizable based on your unique needs and situation. Get started today, and schedule a complementary scoping call with our experts. We’ll give you some ideas on what your engagement might look like, and a quick cost estimate turnaround typically in 48 hours or less.
Don’t wait for a problem to present itself. Call or email today.
Each System HealthCheck is customizable and does not need to occur only when a problem exists.
In most cases, a HealthCheck is a 1-2 week engagement. Schedule your HealthCheck today by calling Chuck Fried at 716-636-0070 (222) or email [email protected].