Mobile, Take Two

For too long, companies have chased the customer.   Worries about how to reach the consumer have led in all sorts of directions.  From paid product placements on television shows and movies, to ads in bathrooms.
No more.   We know where the consumer is.   She’s on her mobile device.   Companies began realizing a few years ago, that to better engage with their customers meant they had to be where there customers were.  And we all carry at least one mobile device.  Often times we carry several.
The first iteration of this was rolled out to enable mobile devices to access back end systems with little thought to the user experience.
Then along came the Iphone, and that changed everything.
Suddenly, we were all talking about mobile applications, and people were getting rich developing them.  But old line companies were left hanging, struggling to develop for multiple devices (Ipads, android devices, Windows Mobile, and other), while still wrestling with issues of security, and clean integration.
The next iteration is here, now.
Companies began realizing that to compete and thrive, they had to think ‘Mobile First’.  Not re work old applications to allow for a mobile interface, but rather take a ground up approach to mobile access.  Thus was born a brand.
In 2012, IBM Acquired Worklight, a small Israeli startup with critical technology allowing for the rapid deployment of mobile applications across platforms.  Combining this with IBM’s ability to seamlessly integrate with back end systems, provide end to end security, and you have a new mobile eco system.
TxMQ has invested in building a mobile applications group to help our customers with their mobile initiatives.  From customer driven applications, to internal applications for their associates, it’s imperative that companies get ahead of, and stay ahead of the curve to stay relevant, and competitive.
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