What Makes a Good Mobile Website?

By Wendy Sanacore
How prepared is your company for the ongoing shift towards mobile development? More and more people are connecting to websites via mobile sources. It’s more apparent every day that the main source of traffic is no longer desktop computers.
It’s all about convenience. When your cell phone has 3G or 4G, why stop, turn on your computer, wait for it to load and then visit your website when you can do it with a touch of a button instantaneously.
Mobile development and applications are an immediate customer demand and most companies can’t avoid having it. It’s all about being bigger, stronger, faster and better.
Through recent surveys, it has been discovered that CIOs focus on shifting to mobile has dramatically increased. Mobile applications open the doors to many new opportunities and CIOs are beginning to see the value of having products and services at their consumers’ fingertips.
So the question remains, how easily accessible is your company on the web? Go ahead, pull out your cell phone and type in your company’s URL. How does it look?
Here’s a list of decent components that your mobile websites should have:

  1. Mobile specific content – meaning about 95% of it is hidden under the surface of the site and the site is directed to what you want the consumer to see.
  2. Specific entry and exit points are established and the site leads your customers where you want them to go.
  3. No need for scrolling up and down or side to side
  4. Utilization of buttons instead of links


About TxMQ

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These expanded to include technologies like virtualization solutions including Linux Virtualization, network Virtualization (Cloud Computing), and desktop Virtualization, as well as mainframe modernization.
As the web became more prevalent and a part of the enterprise, we followed IBM’s offerings and added skilled resources and SME’s in areas like WebSphere, BPM and SOA, including both Lombardi, and Metastorm (now a part of open text), as well as DataPower.
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