Are we the digital evolution era?

By Wendy Sanacore
This weekend I spent a good deal of time in the car as we traveled from family to family to celebrate the Independence Day weekend.
During one of the longer car rides, I started to think about my grandmother who passed away last March. One of her favorite holidays was July 4th, so she was front and center on my mind.
To make a long story short, I was thinking about her while staring out the car window on the thruway and I was focused on the power lines and poles running along the road with us.
I remarked to my husband that it was pretty amazing that this intricate web of wires and poles is what feeds us our electricity and runs all our vital mechanisms.
Then I started to think about the stories Grandma had told me as I was growing up; all sorts of interesting facts about her life on the farm when she was little.
I remembered stories about very little electricity, cold well water that was used to drink and bathe, and coal burning stoves to keep warm. I loved the tales she had about the family’s first car that you had to crank to get moving.
It’s overwhelming to me to think about everything she witnessed and learned to use as it was invented and became mainstream.
It made me wonder what the really big inventions are that we are going to see in our lifetime. I wonder; will there really be that one BIG invention that rocks our worlds?
Thus far, we have seen a lot of innovations. And much of what we see is digital. I remember the first computer I ever worked on. It was massive and the screen was green! Now, I sit at my desk and write on my flat screen monitor while my colleagues use the iPad to do their work.
We access the Internet from our cell phones. It’s all on-demand, now. Mobility is the name of the game. I wonder what will be next.
Do you think we are going to see some great new invention in our lifetimes or will we just see a steady progression of innovations, newer technology to replace the existing technology? Are we going to remain the generation that’s known for digital evolution?
What will our grandkids reflect on about us?

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