TxMQ Again Named One Of WNY's Fastest Growing Companies

For the third consecutive year, TxMQ has made the top 5 list of Western New York’s fastest growing companies. Last year TxMQ took top honors and this year, we placed 3rd. This rounds out three years of being in the top 5, placing 5th in 2011.
Guess what, folks? I think that’s pretty incredible. When it comes to businesses, it’s hard to maintain steady growth over a three year period. All companies experience ups and downs that reflect a variety of reasons, many times not reflective of the company itself, but extraneous factors controlled by clients’ budgets, economy, etc.
I’m proud to work for this company. I’m proud of the integrity TxMQ shows on a daily basis. I’m proud to represent a company who always puts our clients’ needs before anything else.
It’s a company who rewards its employees for hard work with things like flex time, paid gym memberships and yoga Wednesdays. It’s a company run by a man with a family who understands there’s more to life than working 24×7. However, he creates an atmosphere that makes you want to go above and beyond to make TxMQ just that much more successful.
Having been the one to accept the award on TxMQ’s behalf last night, I was honored to walk up to the front and shake hands with the presenters. I took pride in the applause that was given because the folks attending the reception understand just what an accomplishment it is to make the list even once. We’ve made it three years in a row.
Know why else I am so proud of this company? This growth over the past three years has been completely reflective of our ability to step outside the box and play outside of our comfort zone. The success is solely indicative of a company who has worked hard to tailor our services around what we know our clients need, and not necessarily just the easiest path to make money.
It’s a reflection of our bold foray into new services and taking chances on hiring and retaining the best possible bench talent that the industry can provide. Our subject matter experts, Bob Becktell, Gary Dischner, Allan Bartleywood, Arthur Rodriguez, Cindy Gregoire and others are steeped in talent and have cultivated knowledge for years and years within this industry.
Growth isn’t easy. It requires a CEO who wants to take chances and it requires a team who does doesn’t want to rest at being status quo. Four years ago, when I joined TxMQ, we were an IT staffing company. A body shop, per se. Now, through the strategic planning and efforts of the leadership, sales, recruiting, marketing and technical teams, we are a company built on solutions. We provide one of the largest technology providers in the world, IBM, with our consultants, knowledge and support. We have custom tailored enterprise IBM solutions from software and appliance sale to architecture of the solution.
But what’s even better about TxMQ, and something we look forward to building out and marketing in the latter part of 2014 is that we don’t only support IBM customers. While it’s a legacy skill set, we have the talent, resources and wherewithal to support customers running on any platform. We want to get our hands dirty in any platform our customers need help with. Because of this agnostic approach, I believe you will once again see TxMQ as a Top 5 company in 2014 as well.
Check back in the next year, because great things are continuing to happen here at TxMQ! Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on all things new at TxMQ.