The rebirth of the mainframe

For anyone who thinks that the demand for mainframes is on the decline, take a look at this. In the fourth quarter of 2010, the demand for IBM’s System zEnterprise 196 mainframes skyrocketed their sales to a six year high. They helped drive IBM’s company sales up to $99.9bn, which is an increase of 4% compared to last year.
In a time when the economy seems to be fledgling, it is so nice to see a big company like IBM report such a large profit. It’s a testament to their business practices that they were able to reach almost a $100bn profit in 2010. And I think that should provide hope for all of us out there in the technology industry that there’s no direction for us to head, but up.
Just a note, while IBM hasn’t provided revenue projections for the first quarter of 2011, sources say that IBM is on track to deliver at least $13 in earnings per share this year. Maybe we need to go out and buy into IBM!