Stop and smell your video game.

By Mark Seemueller
The gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar industry that is growing at a rapid pace.  Entertainment and gaming will continue to be present in households throughout the world for the foreseeable future.  Gaming is also growing at an incredibly rapid pace on mobile phones.  Electronic games are utilizing technology which makes them look more realistic and life-like every day.  This new technology is making characters look so real that the determination between real and virtual characters is sometimes difficult to determine.
The growth of the gaming industry is also creating more groups and organizations that play in a setting where they support one another and have a platform where they can meet.  These electronic gaming leagues are creating a buzz causing continuous growth.
The gaming industry is focusing on really involving all your senses now for a full gaming experience. They want you to feel shock waves when you play, have the feeling that you are right there in the moment, not just playing a game electronically.  Believe it or not, smell is going to be part of gaming as a few thousand gamers are testing the way gamers can smell while gaming, excited to be a part of a whole new type of gaming.  Taste is another sense that is being looked at related to gaming.  Companies are imagining ways to trick our taste buds and companies are certainly interested in investing dollars so their products can be incorporated into the gaming industry. It’s a whole new way to advertise.
Growth is inevitable in the gaming industry because the demand is there.  It’s amazing to think what 3-D technology will create related to the future of gaming and the demand of gaming in the future.