The best ideas have unexpected origins

By Wendy Sanacore
You never know when a great idea is going to pop out of thin air. I’m currently working on TxMQ’s 2012 marketing campaign. We’ve never really done any official paid advertising, so it is an interesting process. I love speaking with all the different sales people at various publications as they try to separate their particular publication aside from the competition. I’ve heard all sorts of interesting demographic, readership and subscriber facts. Honestly, the reality is, they all have pretty much the same offer, the same target audience, etc. So wherever we do decide to advertise, I am confident that we can see a return on our investment.
But then came the twist; a new idea of where to spend some marketing dollars…the airports.
My colleague, Miles Roty, was traveling to LegalTech, a conference in the Big Apple this weekend and he spent some time in the airports on Saturday afternoon. I was going about my business at home when my cell phone notified me of a text message. It said, “Hey Wend – we should advertise in the airports” and with it was a picture of a competitor’s ad in the airport terminal.
What a GREAT idea! And it’s something I would never have thought about. But someone who works with me did.
So at this point, it’s not a matter of whether we do or don’t advertise in airports (though this morning I started the process of getting more information on it), it’s about listening to what the people around me have to say and allowing them to input suggestions and solutions to my questions.
Listen to those around you. You work in a group environment for a reason. I urge you to try it today, run something by a colleague or a friend. I bet they have a different, fresh take on it!
Sometimes two heads are truly better than one.