iOS surpassing Android in Enterprise Environment

By Wendy Sanacore
It’s official. Apple is kicking Android device’s butt when it comes to use in the enterprise sector.
Why? Because for some companies, Android phones and devices are just not an option. Bruce Poon Tip from G Adventures only uses Apple iPhone and iPad. According to Poon Tip, Android devices and the Blackberry just can’t keep up in their environment.
According to a new study recently published, iPhones represented 53 percent of new device activations in the fourth quarter of 2011 for its enterprise customers as opposed to 28 percent for Android based phones.
However in the consumer space, Android phones out-sell iPhones, 52 percent to 37 percent.
The chief complaint on the enterprise level is security. Android is an open platform and users can download from sites that aren’t associated with Google’s Android market.
Without actively monitoring the security of these third party sites, it’s impossible to know the security of the apps.
What technology does your company rely on? All of TxMQ’s computers are Apple and we are split within the office about half and half, iPhone vs Android.
Do you trust Apps from open markets? How do you know what’s safe and what isn’t?