WebSphere v.7 & v.8 End of Support – 18 Months Out

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WebSphere v.7 & v.8 End of Support

Are you currently running on what will be an unsupported version of WAS? Do you have a migration or upgrade plan outline for the WebSphere v.7 & v.8 End of Support?
As of April 30th 2018, IBM will discontinue support on all versions of WebSphere Application Server running on Java 6. This means that WAS release v7, v8 and v8.5 – if on Java – will no longer qualify for IBM support within the next 18 months.
It’s recommended that you migrate to WebSphere Application Server v.8.5 or v.9.0 to avoid potential security issues that may occur on the early, unsupported versions of WAS and Java.

Why should you go through a WAS upgrade?

Many security risks can percolate when running back-level software, especially WAS versions running on older Java versions. If you’re currently running on software versions that are out of support, finding the right support team to put out your unexpected fires can be tricky and might just blow the budget.
Upgrading WAS to supported versions will allow you to tap into new and expanding capabilities, and updated performance enhancements while also protecting yourself from unnecessary, completely avoidable security risks.

WebSphere Application Server v.9 Highlights

WebSphere Application Server v.9.0 offers unparalleled functionality to deliver modern applications and services quickly, securely and efficiently.
When you upgrade to v.9.0, you’ll enjoy several upgrade perks including:

  • Java EE 7 compliant architecture
  • DevOps workflows
  • Easy connection between you on-prem apps and IBM Bluemix services (including IBM Watson)
  • Container technology that enables greater development and deployment agility.
  • Deployment on Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Azure, Openshift, Amazon Web Services and Bluemix.
  • Ability to provision workloads to IBM cloud (for VMware customers)
  • Enhancements to WebSphere extreme scale that have improved response times and time-to-configuration

Why work with an IBM Business Partner to upgrade WAS after WebSphere v.7 & v.8 End of Support?

You can choose to work with IBM directly – we can’t (and won’t) stop you – but your budget just might. Working with a premier IBM business partner allows you to accomplish the same task with the same quality, but at a fraction of the price IBM will charge you, with more personal attention and much speedier response times.
Also, IBM business partners are typically niche players, uniquely qualified to assist in your company’s migration planning and execution. They’ll offer you and your company much more customized and consistent attention. Plus, you’ll probably be working with ex-IBMers anyway, who’ve turned in their blue nametags to find greater opportunities working within the business partner network.

There are plenty of things to consider when migrating your software from outdated versions to more current versions. TxMQ is a premier IBM business partner that works with customers to oversee and manage WAS migration and upgrade planning. TxMQ subject matter experts are uniquely positioned with relevant experience, allowing them to help a wide range of customers determine the best solution for their migration needs. Get in touch with us today to discuss your migration and back-level support options.
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