White Paper: Scaling SaaS Adoption in Large Enterprises

IBM White Paper: Scaling SaaS Adoption in Large Enterprises

Due to the simplicity and low-cost to get started with Software-as-a-Service, departments within an organization have often introduced online services with almost trivial ease.

Use of software as a service application like Salesforce may well begin under the radar of corporate IT governance, perhaps initially born from a need to rapidly adopt a customer relationship management (CRM) tool, but then quickly realizing the broader capabilities of the overall Salesforce platform. Due to the low entry cost, SaaS can often be deployed without the need for centralized Capex funding and the cost model fits within a department’s operating budget.

Of course, decentralization was and is one of the biggest benefits of SaaS, and we’re not saying that’s a bad thing. However, decentralization also leads to multiple sources and sites of data which are unconnected with each other and with the different business units using the software.

In a CRM scenario, for example, sales, marketing, and customer service could all be pulling data for the same customer from different databases. They don’t get the unified customer-centric view they need, and the customer doesn’t get the holistic experience they expect.


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