Overview of the WAS v8.5.5 Family

WAS 8.5.5 was announced at IBM Impact and GA’ed June 14, 2013. WAS 8.5.5 provides significant performance benefits over previous releases as well as all of its competitors.
WAS 8.5.5 now includes WS Extreme Scale for caching and WAS ND 8.5 introduced last June includes WS Virtual Enterprise and WAS Compute Grid products for improved resiliency.
A full overview of the WAS v8.5.5 Family

  • New WebSphere Application Server Liberty Core edition
  • Entitlement to WebSphere eXtreme Scale (WXS) for some editions
  • Developer install/support for WAS & WDT with active production server S&S

WAS for Developers
Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.03.41.jpg AM

  • Enables efficient development of innovative apps that will run on WAS in production
  • Available as a no-charge edition for the developer desktop and includes Eclipse adapters
  • NEW: Provide WAS and WDT editions as freely available for dev desktops and supported under production runtime licenses

WAS Hypervisor Edition
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  • The WAS ND server optimized to instantly run in Pure Application System, VMware, PowerVM, zVM and other server virtualization environments.

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.04.02 AM

  • Delivers near-continuous availability, with advanced performance and intelligent management capabilities, for mission-critical apps.
  • Full entitlement to WXS.

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  • Provides secure, high performance transaction engine for moderately sized configurations with web tier clustering and failover across up to five application server profiles.
  • Includes entitlement to eXtreme Scale for HTTP session caching and DynaCache on the entitled WebSphere Application Server.

WAS for z/OS
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  • Takes full advantage of
    the z/OS Sysplex to deliver a highly secure, reliable, and resource efficient
    server experience.
  • Entitlement to WXS z/OS client.

NEW: WAS Liberty Core
Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 4.26.34 PM

  • A lightweight and low-cost Liberty profile based offering (not full-profile WAS), providing the capabilities to rapidly build and deliver web apps that do not require the full Java EE stack.

WAS Express
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  • A low-cost, ready-to-go solution to build dynamic Web sites & apps, including both Liberty and full-profile WAS.  Restricted to a set amount of PVUs.

For more information on the WAS 8.5.5 Family or TxMQ IT Solutions and Staffing please contact Miles Roty, Vice President at [email protected] or 716-636-0070 ext 228