IBM Leverages SoftLayer To Offer API Management Service

A new cloud-based API-management tool from IBM offers businesses and developers an easy, secure and flexible service for the exposure, monitoring and management of APIs. IBM plans to release an evaluation version of its new API Management Service on Sept. 26, 2014, and the initial specs show a lot of promise – especially for SMBs that want to quickly and effectively participate in the mobile and API economy, or for Fortune 500s and 1000s that want to more efficiently manage their sprawling API exposure and footprint.
The cloud-based service allows developers to easily manage SOAP and REST APIs through a single console. At the same time, it provides a simple and scalable method for businesses to advertise, market and sell their APIs worldwide across public, private and semi-gated developer communities. Just as important, it provides businesses with the tools to track and monitor API usage to measure market penetration and streamline developer billing and use-charges.
There’s no coding involved, according to IBM, and the attractive developer portal will help entice partners within the already ultra-competitive and time-strapped API economy.
The latest IT buzzword isn’t cost-control, it’s cost-optimization – in other words, how to use existing IT investment to its full potential. For many companies, the most effective path toward cost-optimization is to expose key business services to drive new collaboration and revenue. It can be done through APIs, and now it can be done entirely in the cloud through IBM’s API Management Service.
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