IBM Integration Bus V9 Delivers Key Enhancements

IBM® Integration Bus V9, previously known as IBM WebSphere® Message Broker, delivers a comprehensive integration solution, In addition to connecting together a wide range of applications, services, and systems across heterogeneous IT environments, it provides the visibility and control capabilities needed to support critical business activities such as monitoring, auditing, process management, and analytics.
New enhancements allow clients to:

  • Rapidly enable business insight to be applied to in-flight data
  • Accelerate the creation of integration services for business process management (BPM)
  • Increase operational awareness and control over workload
  • Gain visibility and insight of integration in application environments

The new capabilities naturally extend the powerful productivity features of IBM Integration Bus to develop and manage integration solution deployments and extend its industry-leading performance and scalability.
Integration Bus V9.0 delivers key enhancements that enable greater visibility and insight of data as it flows through the bus. This allows you to:

  • Apply business insight to make near real-time decisions to influence processing flow
  • Rapidly create integration workload to prioritize resources and prevent outages
  • Manage integration workload to prioritize resources and prevent outages
  • Include application-to-application integration in centralized business activities
  • Improve elasticity and response time by exploiting flexible caching capabilities
  • Monitor and visualize performance statistics in real time
  • Exploit new patterns to rapidly integrate Microsoft™ applications
  • Flexibly provision solutions across a range of physical and cloud environments
  • Import and convert existing integration assets from IBM WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus

Availability Dates:
June 14, 2013

  • IBM Integration Bus V9 – Electronic distribution
  • IBM Integration Bus Hypervisor Edition for IBM AIX®, V9 – Electronic distribution only
  • IBM Integration Bus Hypervisor Edition for Red Hat Enterpise Linux™ Server for x86, V9.0 – Electronic distribution only

July 5, 2013

  • IBM Integration Bus V9.0 – Media Pack

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