Fractional IT support, or the Uberization of IT support

Sometimes companies don’t require technical assistance in any amount of hours evenly divisible by 40.  Sometimes, a few hours a week is all that’s needed.
For small businesses, technical assistance is usually accomplished by any number of small shops who provide support. But what is a large enterprise to do if higher end services are needed, but only for a few hours per week
Is that a thing? Is that available? Are there DBA services, or Linux or AIX or even mainframe services available for fractional part-time needs?
Chances are, companies won’t be successful hiring a part timer themselves for these types of needs.  Some have tried, all have failed.
Yet this is just the sort of service some companies like TxMQ have begun to offer to their partners and enterprise customers.
By maintaining an active bench of in house staff, most of whom have some fractional time they can use to support multiple customers, TxMQ can handle part time needs many customers have.
It’s important to realize, when a company like TxMQ provides support, you’re ensured support because it is the company that is supporting you, not just one part-time worker.  A company can offer SLAs and, for compliance driven industries like government, banking and finance, and healthcare, access is restricted only to a few designated resources approved by customers.

Available Across Industries

No matter your industry, we have the skills in-house to support you.

Flexible, Customizable Hours

National retailers, insurance companies, banks and more take advantage of support needs starting at just 20 hours a month. And of course, complete, full time outsourced support is available as well.

Industry Tenure

On average, the industry tenure of TxMQ technicians on the bench is over 20 years of experience. When you enlist TxMQ for our factional support, you’ll be assured the maturity, and depth of skill you need, and deserve.

Nearshoring only

Unless otherwise requested, TxMQ’s teams are US and Canadian based. We will only use offshore resources if you have a special budgetary requirement, or other need.

Why fractional support?

We live in a world of ride sharing (Uber and Lyft), sub-letting (Air BnB and others), etc. At home and at work, why shouldn’t we have those options for tech support?
Fractional support is for the times you know someone won’t show up for work. It’s for vacation coverage, or maternity leave.  It’s for times when you just don’t need 40 hours a week of support, or your team is expecting seasonal surges, and you aren’t quite sure how much coverage you will need.
Sometimes, it starts small, and grows. Sometimes, it ebbs and flows.
Most, (well, really all) staff augmentation vendors are looking for places to put their contractors into 40 hour a week jobs.  And that’s just fine, if that’s what you need. But fractional support provides another option – the right talent with the skills you need, just as much as you need them, when you need them.
Call TxMQ; fractional support is what we do.