Details: Fix Pack for WebSphere MQ 8.0

IBM recently released its first fix pack for WebSphere MQ 8.0. The fix pack is now available on the following:

  • AIX
  • Linux on x86
  • Linux on x86_64
  • Linux on zSeries 64-bit
  • Linux on POWER
  • HP-UX for Itanium
  • Solaris SPARC
  • Solaris on x86_64
  • Windows
  • IBM i

The fix pack addresses the following APARS:

IT00493         Mqxr server receives probe ID XR071002 unsubscribe failed with mqcc_failed RC=2429 mqrc_subscription_in_use AMQXR0004E
IT00497         WebSphere MQ 7.0.1: queue manager can not start after upgrade TOV7.0.1.10 or V7.0.1.11
IT00960         WebSphere MQ V7 client .NET applications using get with waitinterval greater than 300 seconds fail with MQRC=2009.
IT01241         WebSphere MQ V7 client application reports sigsegv on while connecting to the queue manager using ccdt file.
IT01374         WMQ V7 java: a message may not be converted to unicode when SHARECNV=0 is set on a client channel.
IT01511         WMQ mft: new transfer request panel from the WMQ explorer does not function properly when a sfg agent is selected.
IT01607         WMQ ams: AMQ9044 log message says message was sent to but was rolled back
IT01798         WMQ 7.5: WebSphere MQ default configuration wizard on Windows terminates with no error message.
IT01799         Dspmqrte returns 2046 ‘mqrc_options_error’ when connecting in client mode to a V7.1 queue manager running on z/OS.
IT01966         Creation of a 64-BIT Oracle switch load file for WebSphere MQ Java client fails on Linux 64.
IT01972         Queue manager trace is turned off for an application thread withmultiple shared connections after an mqdisc call is issued
IT02055         FDC probe XC130004 within function rfichooseone reporting sigfpeexception, and termination of queue manager processes
IT02122         Unable to connect to WMQ mft configuration via remote queue manager using ccdt under WMQ explorer
IT02194         WebSphere mq: clwlrank and clwlprty ignored when using like parameter
IT02389         Amqsbcg retreives incorrect message on the destination queue when API exit removed message properties
IT02422         WMQ V7.5 Java application fails with reason code 2025 (mqrc_max_conns_limit_reached) after network outages
IT02480         WebSphere MQ output from ‘dmpmqcfg’ is incorrect for runmqsc input for defining selector strings
IT02684         Data missing from WMQ V7.5 .NET application trace when tracing is repeatedly stopped and started while application is running
IT02701         MQ 7.5 setmqm fails without error when mqs.ini contains a blank line(s) at the end of the file.
IT02920         FDC with probe ID CO052000 and errorcode rrce_bad_data_received is generated by the WebSphere MQ V8 queue manager.
IT02981         WebSphere MQ V7.5: addmqinf command fails if queue manager file system is not available.
IT03124         WMQ 7.5: a svrconn channel terminates when browsing the system.admin.trace.activity.queue
IT03154         Ibm MQ 8.0: AMQ5657 message is written in error log without the text AMQ5657
IT03205         Defxmitq can be set to system.cluster.transmit.queue using the crtmqm -d switch, but this should not be allowed
IT03551         WMQ V7.5: .NET application fails to connect to queue manager with RC=2232 (mqrc_unit_of_work_not_started).
IT03711         WebSphere MQ 7.5 probe ID XC333030 component xlspostevent reports major error code 16 (einval)
IT03825         WMQ V8.0: rc 2195 FDC probe ID XC130031 when using authinfo withauthtype(idpwldap)
IV40268         AMQ9636: ‘ssl distinguished name does not match peer name’ errorwhen using ssl/tls channels with multi-instance queue managers.
IV56612         Channel moves to running state and ping completes on a sender channel with trptype(tcp) and receiver channel TRPTYPE(LU62)
IV58306         Memory leak in amqrmppa observed while queue manager is running
IV59264         ABN=0C4-00000004 in csqmcprh when using the WebSphere MQ classesfor Java
IV59891         Ibm MQ 7.1 or 7.5 dspmqtrc writes out incorrect time stamps whenformatting 7.0.1 trace files
IV62648         Mqcmd_reset_q_stats processing ends for all queues if one queue is damaged
IV63397         WebSphere MQ queue manager is unresponsive and generatedfdc’s with probe id’s XC034070 and XC302005
IV64351         MQ runmqras command fails to ftp data with error message “address unresolved for server address”
PI19991         Various problems encountered in the qmgr and chin late in the final test cycle. fix needed for stability and migration
SE59149        WebSphere MQ V710: language MQ ptf is incorrectly replacing the qsys prx cmds with the real cmds instead
SE59368        After executing the wrkmqmcl command the wrkmqm command falsely shows active queue managers as inactive.
XX00217        MQ V8 explorer password field in the userid pane of the queue manager properties appears populated when no password defined
XX00222        MQ explorer 8.0 on windows: when trying to export/import, using french version, unable to select a destination file or folder
XX00223        MQ managed file transfer plugin for MQ explorer cannot connect to a coordination queue manager configured to use SSL
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(Photo by Kate Ter Haar, Creative Commons license.)