Systems Optimization Review – Worth Your Time & Money?

So, you have some great technology in place. Maybe it’s all working perfectly. Chances are it’s not. Does that mean it’s not functioning? No. Does it mean that you are one glitch away from a disaster? Not necessarily. But it does mean that it can be better.
My car is running fine. Could it use a tune-up? Probably. Optimizing the performance of the vehicle can give me better gas mileage, better pick-up, and better overall performance. In the long run, keeping the vehicle running at its peak will save me money (and headache).
Keeping your corporate technology running at optimal performance is really no different. Depending on the size of your organization – your IT investment will range from tens of thousands to many millions of dollars each year. Drawing the most from that investment is the responsibility of every Executive across the enterprise – especially those in IT.
In all likelihood, you are already keeping a pretty close eye on your operations, your network traffic, your system availability and uptime. Are you thorough? Sure. Are you current? Perhaps. Is it worth having experts outside of the organization have a look at your systems? You bet.
I am drawing these obvious comparisons to corporate technology to prove a point. In the modern world of highly competitive business, and increased scrutiny on performance and bottom line; routine systems analysis and review by third party experts is a low cost, unobtrusive means to responsibly protect and improve upon your IT investment.
At TxMQ, we call it our Systems HealthCheck. It’s customizable, and typically takes no more than a week or two. It includes Systems Analysis and Evaluation, Data Collection, Recommendations, and a Whitepaper. Most of our engagements revolve around WebSphere including Application Server, MQ and Broker. We review and document the WebSphere infrastructure paying attention to:

  •      WebSphere Infrastructure Architecture
  •      WebSphere Infrastructure Management
  •      Enterprise future goals: How do we get to where we want to be?

WebSphere is basically an IT integration platform, where various technologies merge to advance the business functions of the Enterprise. We find that too many organizations treat WebSphere as an isolated application platform within the network/environment. This leads to inefficiencies of usage, performance, and management.
A System HealthCheck can insure that you are doing the right things, on the right platforms, with the right management tools and procedures to optimize OS, Hardware and WebSphere costs…and you can cut back on headaches, too.
Is a System Health Check from TxMQ worth your time & money? Absolutely. Contact Miles Roty today for more information about scheduling a Systems HealthCheck for your company.